Limbs trembling, ground unsettling, cries deafening-

The abyss is engraved in their eyes.

Flames lick their flesh and the moon chill their bones,

As the mirror whispers lies.

Glass breaking, windows shaking, body aching-

The puppet pulls their strings.

Crimson stains mark their clothes,

As the wooden doll begins to sing.

Doors rattling, teeth chattering, the silence is all so maddening-

The statue stares within.

Voiceless bodies graze each other and their legs are left dangling,

As the stitches raise their skin.

Light fading, hope degrading, death invading-

They are left in an empty white room.

Tears burn their cheeks, their heart beats never cease,

As he brings in their pomegranate tomb.

Bells tinkering, lips quivering, wedding dresses glimmering-

Here comes their inevitable doom.

Corsets stop their lungs and veils hide their scars,

As the dead proclaim,

"Here comes the groom."