Food or Light

The Earth is an odd thing right now. Some places have the wettest of mud, while others are full of bone dry sand, blowing around in large dunes. There are places with towering peaks of stone and ice, and places with the deepest of drops, cliffs that form from the relentless erosion of wind and water. Millions of glowing orbs fill the sky, the large circle of emptiness, however, is quite strange. There is a simple explanation, the Moon cannot reflect the light of a Sun that no longer gives light.

There is not a living thing in sight. The wetlands have no willows nor slimy creatures slipping about. The deserts have no cacti, nor lizards scuttling through the sand. The canyons floor is but unreachable for most things, if there were any. The mountains were barren, no trees cover their bases, and the white tipped caps only rested on the tallest of peaks, the elite.

It is on one of the elite where things seem... different, if the large stone archway covering the equally large stone doors is any hint. The elite mountain is quite large, in the middle of a very expansive valley. An ocean's worth of water can fit in it. Things seem quite restless for a while, the archway has a few cracks, but nothing to show its collapse anytime soon. Perhaps a few rocks could make another-

The doors creak, the groans of heavy cogs fills the air, the rhythmic clicks resounding in the valley. They pierce the unnatural silence surrounding the area, for there is nothing else to make noise. The doors crack open, and a bright stream of light shoots across the ground. The Little People walk out.

The Little People did a great crime. All was good on the Earth. All of the creatures followed a rule, for everything taken, give as much back. The Little People were not like the other creatures, for they had the one thing others did not, intelligence. The Little People knew to give back what they took from the land, but they did not know why, only to do so. So, the Little People stopped giving back, and thus evoked a curse placed long ago by an ancient shaman.

The Sun stopped giving light to the Earth, so long as the Little People exist. Light gives life, so nearly all life perished. The Little People, however, knew how to live without the light, so they sought the elite mountains, and made their home there. They grew food with the light of fire. Fire, which was powered by the strength of coal.

The Little People bring out a great goblet made of shiny gems and reflective gold metals. It is so heavy, the Little People have to use a wheel device to bring it out. The large goblet is still now, and the Little People put tons of food items into the goblet. An old and wise Little Person goes up to the goblet with a torch of gold flames in hand. He touches the goblet, and the goblet glows. He tosses the torch high, and it falls right in.

The torch, however, lands upright, the flame having no chance to ignite the contents. The Little People wait, wondering why the inferno they expect isn't happening. All of a sudden, a peach is thrown. It hits the lip of the goblet, and bounces in. The Little People look at the one who threw the peach. A little girl finds all eyes on her for a moment, but the loud swoosh of a fire igniting takes their attention back to the goblet.

The goblet is on fire, and the food offering is burning. The flame burns in the goblet for a few seconds, before hovering up slowly- and shooting straight up into the sky. The Little People watch the flame go smaller and smaller as it rose. Eventually, it goes away, and the Little People were sad. They begin to go back inside, when the Earth suddenly explodes in light.

The Little People cover their eyes, trying to be accustom to the midday sun. While the Little People blink around in temporary blindness, all over the Earth, flora and fauna grows, and animals of all kinds appear in their respective areas. The Little People finally get their eyes focused, and gasp at the changes around them.

They pick up the little girl onto their shoulders and march back into their mountain home. They pack up their things and move out, back to the surface. The mountain was abandoned, but they thankfully closed the doors tight after making sure everyone was out.

Over the years, the large valley that the mountain rested in fills with water from the restarted water cycle. The ocean would be known as the Pacific and the tip of the mountain would be known as the island of Maui, known as 'The Valley Isle' in the legendary archipelago of Hawaii.