Okay. So this is going to sound really cheesy but...


Thanks for taking the time to read my story. This author's note is tacked on at the end, so either you really want to spoil the end of the book (if that's the case, go back one chapter) or you've read the entirety of Sharpest Edge. Whichever one is true, thanks for noticing the story I spent months planning and writing and, yes, raging about, at times.

I know I'm going a bit over the top, considering this is published online and it's nowhere close to being an actual book (though I'm hoping. Someday) but still, thanks.

If you've been here from the very beginning, then thanks so much for sticking with Vivian for the whole wild ride. Whether you loved it or hated it, thanks for noticing my teensy tiny corner of the internet. There's more to come; Deadly Edge will be posted after my exams, and even if you don't think that's worth reading because you hated this, thanks.

Thanks for all of the 2,019 views this story has received. I honestly squealed when I saw that number, it made me so happy. And it makes me even happier to see that people from all over the world - Singapore, Thailand, Greece, Canada, Belgium and so much more - have taken the time to entertain my passion of writing. You guys... You're all amazing!

There's so much more cliche and cheesy things I want to say right now, but I'll restrict myself, for everyone's sakes.

Thanks :D