Ashley Graham was just a girl, who had just gotten her psychology degree, and due to not having received any reply from any of the institutes she applied to, was working as a waitress at a bar. Her life wasn't miserable, it was better than many, and she was thankful for that, but it lacked so many things.

At a very young age she had lost her parents to a plane crash. Since then, her uncle, Kieran Graham, and her twin brother, Sean Graham, had been the only family she had known. It took time, but they finally found happiness and coped with the loss they had endured.

But life didn't like the idea of her being happy.

Her brother, who was perfectly normal, got a mental sickness and Ashley tired to help him, so hard she tired, but he still went ahead and killed himself. Ashley still blamed herself for her brother's death. If only, she had sensed Sean's erratic behaviour wasn't just a "phase he was going through" sooner, she could have helped.

But she failed.

Soon after, her uncle had a heart attack that took his life, leaving Ashley alone in the world. All by herself. Alone in that ruthless world.

Whenever Ashley would leave her house she would receive pity gazes, and "I am so sorry for your loss.". She thought that it will get better like the previous time, but it didn't. It was like in that town people believe that now that she was alone in world she couldn't do anything, like she could do nothing by herself.

So, she moved. She moved far far away from that town in which everyone knew everyone else's business.


Here Ashley was after 5 years, she had herself a apartment in a decent society, where no one knew about her tragic past, and she liked to keep it that way. No one in this city was as bothered about anyone's life other than their own.

She had thought that moving to a city like L.A., which was the exact opposite of her childhood home town, would make her happy, help her heal. But that hadn't happened. Yet.

If there was one thing Ashley was, it was a optimist. Nothing can make her believe that something is impossible. She believe that one day she will find her happiness again. She may had had a hell of a past, but she knew someday her future will be worth it all.

Everything happened for a reason.

Sometimes - most of the times, in her case - it was hard to see the reason for which it all happened, but that didn't made her believe any less that one day she will get her happy ending.

She was alone now, fighting and surviving the world on her own, but she knew she wouldn't be like this for her whole life.

Christopher Dawson, or as he liked to be called, Chris, was just a city boy who had spent his whole life in L.A.. It was his birth place, the place where he had his all his firsts, the place had it all. He loved L.A.. His life at home wasn't what anyone would call ideal. He didn't had good relations with his father, he was the black sheep of the family, and he was the one with most anger issues and a past of acting impulsively.

Though there were two, he absolutely adored in his family. His mother - Rosetta Dawson, and his younger sister - Madline Dawson. The latter was the closest to his heart.

He had a good mother-son bond with Rosetta. He wasn't her favourite, but he was sure he would be in the top three. He felt like he was lucky to have her as his mother. She took care of him, no matter what. She was the one person who could order him around as much as she wanted to and he wouldn't have a problem.

Then came his sister, Madline. She was the most adorable thing in his life. Although he was older than her, she used to stand up to him on any and everything she found wrong. She was the one who could push his buttons like no one else, but she was also the one who he loved the most.


Christopher was an artist, the root reason why he never got along with his father. He loved to paint and at times sing. The first being his deepest passion. There were thing he couldn't express, and he felt like painting helped him let it all out. He would be in a total different world of his own while painting. A world where there were no demons, where nothing could harm him.

He like to draw originals pieces, it gave him the chance to make mistakes. When ever he was feeling something strong, he would just pick up his paintbrush, dip it in a random colour and start painting. Even he himself didn't know what he was painting half the time.

But whatever he did, his mother and sister always appreciated it. They always believe it was beautiful. Madline would keep on gushing about it for hours or even days.

Christopher knew, as long as he had them both at his side, he could be happy.

He was happy.

But still there was something missing in his life. He knew what it was. He was waiting for someone with whom he could share anything. He could share things with Madline, but she was his sister, little sister, and there were boundaries.

He was waiting for that perfect someone, who he could share any and all things with. He was waiting for that special someone, with whom he would want to spend his whole life with - with whom he would like to grow old, with whom he would like to have a family of his own, whom he couldn't life without.