her exhale is bittersweet
a tease a taste of something more
we round the corner
hands tucked within each other
she gazes off into the purplish orange sky
eyelashes so long and beautiful

my eyes trace the shape of her lips
high cheekbones roughened from the chilly air
hints of pinks and reds flush her flesh
her lips are cracked and
her tongue slides over them without a single thought

she draws me near one moment
then shoves my arms away
whispering love is a facade
if only she could understand
this beautiful she exhales
but i shall not push
i shall not dare say it

her fingers graze mine
our eyes catch for a moment
she is beautiful with lips parted now
i know she speaks of love and desires
trains whistling along lonely tracks
clouds chase their tails
and raindrops wet our souls

she swears she has no more uses
as we wander the desolate path
that her mind's made up and there's no changing
anything once she's thought it through
i don't dare try to talk her away from these things

i turn my eyes to the darkening skies
i understood this moment would come
although i had prayed she'd never think to go
but i knew
this wasn't the life she wanted

'we're always slaves to the things we love'
i tell her with a smile
even though i feel the splintering crack rocket down my heart
and tearing through my soul slowly
it leaks blood and anger and regrets

but i'll let her go

even though I still love her