Well come on, set me straight God,
I thought we had a deal
You said if kept faith in you
Then you would help me heal

Well now I'm on the floor God
Crying bloody tears
My life's shattered in pieces God
My soul's engulfed in fears

I'm failing everything God,
And not just what's in school
I've lost my trust in everything
I've lost my trust in YOU

If this is what you meant God,
When we set up this deal
Than sorry God, but no thanks
Don't want YOUR help to heal!


My child I can hear you
And yes, we had a deal
I said if you kept faith in me
Then I would help you heal

But child, once we shook hands
You went along your way
You didn't even look back
Now here's what I've to say

I said that I would help you
If trouble knocked you down
And I would cushion up your fall
Before you hit the ground

I said I send the stars out
When darkness hit your life
For everybody's tainted with
Their own heartaches and strife

I said I'd grant forgiveness
And from guilt set you free
I said I would do all those things
IF you kept faith in me

But child, when the darkness
Crept up into your sky
I waited for you to call
If only to say 'Hi'

And ask me for a little help
Because you knew I'd come
But instead you turned round scared
And broke into a run

And when you started failing
Your folks and friends and school
I thought you'd ask me for my help
And boy was I the fool

Instead you started doubting
If I was there at ALL
And all the time I'm up here
Just waiting for your call

Then finally the BIG ONE
Came knocking at your door
Instead of turning round to me
You're bleeding on the floor

My child, I could heal you
I've longed to set you free
But YOU broke off the deal child,
When you lost faith in me