I look on your face
And recognize the look
Of one who is there
But not there

And I recognize your words
As they burn into my mind
Claims, accusations, threats
Many things I've heard before

Never though would I expect it from you
And I know, like me, you have thought
Many times before, before this night
It was a slip of the veil that hid reality

Now that the cover has come back over
I wonder how many people have seen
These very sorts of things in me
How many know the fear of

A deluded truth...
Perception is reality
And reality is a perception
Willful or not it is all the mind

There are no lies
There is only denial
And for years
You have denied everything

And in your own ideas
Your empire was utopia
And your courtsmen
Worked to destroy that

But you see my dear
You did not create a haven
YOU made a home of inhibitions
Where denial reigned supreme

So no, I do not understand
When you point your finger
At any one of your subjects
All of it is utterly illogical

Paranoia or narcissism
Reality twisted for others
Without doubt only belief
Claim to know and to help

You never do...
And you are why
I cannot be real
Outside these poems

You do not have a right to accuse
When you are faced with
What your denial has wrought
And through it all you somehow still deny...

I guess this is what madness is really like
No matter what happens on the outside
The finite truth is the only truth alive
Inside the mind of one who looks away