The Beast is in the eye of the beholder...

Coven eyes magnify the beast within

Inside it a darkness brims

Lies swim through lips woven like snakes

While the exterior remains dormant and fake

With razor claws it caresses the weak

It's demeanour rigid and pitiably meek

Oh wondrous creator above: why bestow a creature so fowl?

Endlessly it watches with a silent pained scowl

Radiating toxicity with each breath it breathes

A face so twisted and distorted without our greed

With ashen skin so vulgar it barely shines

Screaming a sound soft and sublime...

As we carve out its heart with our bare hands

Victorious we rejoice across stolen lands

Now a beast no more lies dead on the floor

Its only crime having a different mind and a face not of our kind

Tomorrow a new beast will be born

And once again be ripped and torn

By stained hands who do not accept nor know

The seeds of beasts they so banefully sow.