Scene Three

Setting: Near the "message board center" in front of the palace. (Lots of noise as people wait for the king to give his speech.)

King appears at the balcony and raises his hand. The crowd becomes silent.

Tyme and the others sat on top of the roof of a nearby building and listen.

King Menios: Our history included us defeating numerous other lands and achieving

great power. Other lands became fearful of us. However, as we bathed ourselves in the prosperity brought to us by our ancestors under the rule of Sertan, the countries who loathe us did not stop preparing and now, they are ready to fight us.

The crowd gets louder as they speak amongst themselves.

King Menios: (raises his hand; crowd quiets down) As you

all may know, our defence, soldiers, knights, army, and weapons have depleted over the years and from the recent war. If the enemy were to attack us right now, we won't stand a chance. Why?! Because we have not done anything these past years except party to our hearts content. Now that an enemy has arrived, we are nothing but mice scurrying around in panic.

Commoner: What do we do?!

King Menios: I know that many of you will not like what

I'm about to say but I believe this the only way to achieve this. I want each family to send their sons, 16 and older to the coming wars.

(There is an uproar of complaints.)

King Menios: (Raises his hand and it quiets down) I know

there are many against this and that is why it took so long for me to announce this. As you all know, I have 3 sons that fit the criteria. I will be sending them as well.


King Menios: I will be dispatching a number of messengers

to every house tomorrow afternoon to get the boys. During the weeks or months before the war, I wish to have the boys trained in fighting by our heros of the past wars. I have told the messengers to be as gentle as possible when retrieving the boys and to not use any violence. And in return, I wish for everyone to cooperate in this. I apologize before hand for any losses.

The crowd dispersed and King Menios left the balcony and returned to the inside of the , Snat, and Gant hurried through the crowd and went up the the gates of the palace.

Guard: Identification, invitation, business.

Tyme, Snat and Gant take out the silver plate King Menios had given them so that it will be possible for them to enter the palace whenever they are called upon or have news for him.