'we're all slaves to what we love'

he whispers as his hand closes around my throat
lips trail down my neck

i want passion and love
between my hands
i want to hold you there until
you whisper you want more

i want to move the earth and skies
make you scream and make you bleed
push you past your limits
until you beg for me to let you go
come back to the safety of my arms
let you soar
let you go

i want to rip you wide open
stitch you up
line your soul with my words
i want to whisper my hopes and dreams
fears and likes and dislikes into your ear at night
i want to hold you
i want to fuck you
i want to destroy you and
rebuild you up into something more
into the person you deserve to be

i want to be your slave
on her knees begging for you every night
i want to be the one you hold close until
until my lungs do not draw in air
i want to be the star dust
settling under your footsteps

'we're all slaves to who we love'