A/N: For such a short piece, this one needs a little bit of an explanation afterwards. The prompt I was given here was to do a 500 word (which I completely blew past) flash fiction about a topic given to me by the random function on Wikipedia. The randomized article I got was for an actor from Degrassi Junior High.

Those of you not familiar with the show need to know the following: it was a late eighties, early nineties after-school special from Canada.

Those of you not familiar with me need to know the following: I had to watch about a dozen episodes of it in my middle school Health class because it was either that or the teacher would have to explain such topics as psychological disorders and safe sex to a bunch of kids at the apocalyptic heart of puberty.

So for me, Degrassi is this weird intersection of too much adult oversight and not really any at all. I hope that came through in the text.

If you'd like to read some stories that touch on similar themes, I heartily recommend the comic Deadly Class and the podcast Welcome to Nightvale. Both were in the back of my head as I was scribbling this, and both are fundamentally superior stories.