We, both Simon Lockhart and I, used to be closer than two peas and a pod. Ever since I could remember, my impish self had always been pulling pranks on the poor kid: having him run naked across the school halls, squirting him with a water gun across the school halls, and even convincing the entire student body that he was gay. Nonetheless, he stuck around: either because of his overbearing loyalty, or his lack of friends.

Everything changed when I left for a public school a few days after my mother's death. Pranks, laughter, Simon...they were all gone, like a distant memory.

Three years after the incident, I enrolled back into that God forsaken academy in hopes to relive the best times of my life. And Simon's there...like he should be.

Except now, he's got the entire school kissing at his feet and showering him with attention. And where do I stand? None but at the top of his "hit list."

Simon Lockhart swore to make the rest of my senior year a living hell, and there's no doubt he will deliver.

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Chapter 1: Simon is Here

Arthur Green was no different from before: the forged Mary Jo's were making out with the rebels, the basket cases were discreetly kissing up a picture of Aston Kutcher against their lockers, and the stoners were lighting buds. But damn...I love this place.

In fact, it made me wonder why I even left to begin with. The public school I've attended after Arthur Green was alright. There's nothing spectacular I'd like to note anyways. Frankly, it was a short getaway. It seemed like an opportunity to leave behind the burdens that trailed alongside me prior.

Therefore, my grandmother took me under her care shortly after my mom's death. In the meantime, she remained my primary care taker due to my father's deficiencies as well... a father. I refused to live that bastard, however I gladly consented to the idea that he would pay for my tuition at Arthur Green.

Besides, there were a few people I'd like to see before I graduate. Long story short, I needed to pay my dues before it was all too late. Especially one person in particular:Simon Lockhart.

That kid was definitely something else. In a nutshell, Simon was your typical anti-social, quirky, book-worm, who spent most of his days avoiding the football meatheads, just to stay out of another crammed locker. Needless to say, he wasn't all popular with the girls...or anyone for that matter.

But God, did I miss that little mouse-like loser. I've been meaning to hear him reference a new set of Star War phrases, while he idolizes another dorky movie artifact he bought off Amazon.

But unfortunately, I didn't encounter him along the way. However, seeing some familiar face was definitely refreshing, and a bit disturbing. Shit, Allison Patterson has fallen from "Hottie" to fake tan Thottie in just three years. You can clearly see the poisonous effects high school has on kids these days...gross...

Nonetheless, there was something I've wanted to do in the meantime; something very crucial to my arrival...

Piss the shit out of Principal Kaiser...

I took a small trip towards his office, knowing the direction like the back of my hand. The son of a bitch was my ultimate go-to scout, my spirit animal, but also someone I endearingly look up to. Although, the old hag would nag whenever he had the chance, I knew way, way deep down through all that rock hard arrogance, he had a soft spot for me.

Nostalgia wells in my chest as I laid eyes on his bronze label aside his door. Without reluctancy, my enclosed my fingers around the gold knob.

"Good morning, Johnny!" The door flew open. "I'm back~" I sang.

The bald man completely dropped his balls- I mean books, at my grand entrance. If I didn't know any better, he seemed alarmed and a bit horrified from my presence alone.

"M-maya Robinson," He wields the stack of papers. "W-what are you doing here?"

I crashed against my good ol' couch, and saluted towards the petrified man. "My grandparents enrolled me, at the end of my junior year. Apparently, my good for nothing father came back to pay all the good ol' dues."

Kaiser's eyes widened incredulously. "You can't be serious. Maya. My life had been so much quieter for the last three years you were gone."

"Aw, don't act like you didn't miss me, sir. You must have longed for the days I've kept you young!" I purse my lips, while feigning hurt. "Look, you've got half a foot in the grave now!"

My principle glares, promptly.

"Ok, ok fine. But I'm well-behaved now. I took a detour down a dark path, and realized that I needed to reconnect with my roots."

Kaiser hushed, and softened his gaze. "Maya, are you-"

"-I'm fine, Mr. Kaiser," I replied, feebly. "After three years, you come to your senses and get back together. I just don't want to encounter the same fate as her."


After my mother died three years ago, it took me three years to reconstruct myself. She took her own life, and while I've already suspected her downfall, I couldn't bear to accept reality. Now I have, I moved on, we are done speaking about it.

"-Mr. Kaiser, is your son still gay?" I asked, abruptly. Luckily, my question seemed to steer him away from the current topic.

"Oh heavens, yes! I've been trying to find him a wife for ages!"

"How bout' I take him, and we can call it a day?" I wiggled my brows, suggestively. However, he did not seem to appreciate my light sense of humor.

"I'd rather have him gay and single for the rest of my life than permit your hand in marriage."

I summoned my tactful pout. The old man has never been accepting of his own son's decisions. I almost felt bad for the poor kid. He's held to a certain standard simply because his father is an influencial person in the community.

"Johnny, cut your son some slack. Try being married to someone you hate."

"I have! Nine of them, actually. And I have no problem with doubling the number! Gracious, I can't stand the stupid teenage libertarian movement, or whatever you hooligans call it now a days!"

"It's called progression, sir. You might wanna try it," I scowled. "Your old school thinking is drying my tongue."

Kaiser runs a chubby hand over his round, glistening head. The hag had a habit of doing so when he felt overwhelmed or exhausted. I've always wondered why though, its not like he had hair to run through. "Look, it's nice seeing you again. But I'm loaded with work right now. I believe you can escort yourself out without any problem."

I smirked in response. "Nice seeing you again, too, baldy."

Kaiser refused to retort back, which was a shame. I've always enjoyed my mini arguments with the man. Nonetheless, it didn't seem like he was in any mood to persist. Which was odd, considering Kaiser always loved a good sharp tongue scolding. With that, I strapped my favorite leather stuffed backpack over my shoulder, and saw myself out.

I push the door open, only to be greeted by a painful thud on the other end.

"Ow," it screeched in agony. Seconds after books and stacks of paper spilled right all over the floor. Holy shit, what an excellent way to start my senior year.

"Oh crap. I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going," I hurried over to help the fallen victim collect their items. "But really, they should've made doors that swung in."

My lips force a chuckle. Maybe it was an opportunity to make a new friend. Perhaps, fate sent me this individual to become-

Oh my gosh.

We both gazed at each other for what seemed like forever. And it wasn't anything loving or lustful, but nostalgic, if anything.

I knew those large, glistening, blue eyes like that back of my hand. I felt lost in an ocean of them.

He was hardly recognizable but at the same time, I could easy distinguish him from the rest.

I wanted so bad to reach out and pull him into a large, friendly embrace: tell him how much I've, scream to the entire world that I've been so lonely without his presence. However, the look in his eyes caused my blood to run cold, and my entire body to remain in a frozen curse.

This...this was Simon.

The Simon I knew growing up. The Simon whose weakly presence I've become so accustomed to until the middle of freshmen year. The Simon I've been longing to see ever since I've arrived. But his expression read otherwise.

Simon tucked his items away, and stood straight. Instinctively, I followed his stead, waiting for some form of greeting, some form of longing, some form of "I miss you."

But none. His eyes were stone cold and dull. I opened my mouth to speak, but he beat me to it.

"- Out of my way, loser," he spatted, before walking right past me.

It took me a while to register that odd encounter. His voice had grown more masculine, but it were definetely his...

But those words...didn't belong to the Simon I knew.

Loser? Did Simon just-

My incompetent self could only watch him leave with my jaw completely to the floor. I can't begin to describe the ache in my heart.

Is this what three years does to a person? Is this what I've missed since yesterday?

Does Simon...not remember me?