"Don't throw it away."

Simon's glare was burning through every layer of my skin. Had he been the same dork he was before, I wouldn't be feeling so uneasy. Damn, I couldn't even look him in the eye

"Why? This stupid bag doesn't haven't any value to me anymore."

Suddenly, he dropped my wrist, leaving a red band and a burning sensation around my skin.

"I'm sure you're still very emotionally attached to it. I guarantee you'll be a wreck if you still decide to trash the bag."

A wreck? I breathe erratically. It's a bag, for Christ sake! Or more specifically, a memento from my God sworn enemy conveniently standing right in front of me.

I swear, his voice is triggering a certain level of madness, I didn't even know was possible.

"I highly doubt it. If anything, it's more like a curse."

"Oh really?" Simon scoffed. He seemed completely unconvinced with my assertion. "Well, fine, if it's such a nuisance, I dare you to dispose of it..."

Simon wore that amused and condescending smirk that drove nails into my sanity. The asshole is testing my patience, and he knew my breaking point like its first nature. "If you're capable."

Capable? I am the queen of capability.

I stared straight through him, with a challenging, hardened jaw. Well, why are you just standing there, Maya! Drop the bag.

A knowing grim smile glows against the corner of his lips. "Well...I'm waiting."

My eyes avert from him to the bag. I've had this item since middle school, and all through high school. Surprisingly, it's still in pristine condition, and plus, it is a pretty expensive product.

Ah, Maya, you just don't have will.

"I change my mind," I strapped the bag around my shoulder. "This stupid thing should be going to a better cause. It's still completely functional. Disposing of it would be a complete waste."

His usual apathetic face begun to surface once again. "Since when have you become a philanthropist?"

"Since when have I become a philanthropist?" I parroted lamely. My eyes bounced between the walls of the corridor to find an easy escape. Great, I couldn't even fabricate a believable lie. Just scribble the word, "incompetent," across my forehead, for everyone to see.

"Anyways, why are you here?" I proceeded to shove the loose items into my bag. "Shouldn't you be playing with your entourage right about now?"

He leaned against the lockers, with his arms across his chest. No matter what type of character Simon embodied, he always looked stand-offish.

"Okay one, you seem to be misguided by my role at this school. I fly solo. So I don't have one of those stupid posse that idiots travel in. It just so happens that they "willing succumb under my superiority," whatever that's supposed to mean," He explained. "And two, just wanted to see how you're holding up."

In response, a spark of hope ignited in my chest. "Really?" I piped. Maybe Simon wasn't such a demon, after all.

"Yeah. So does this mean you're going to leave yet?"

My smile straightened itself out. His questioned was like a fast ball right at my forehead. I almost forgot, he's still on that conquest to have me transfer. Man, I've heightened my optimism, just to have it culminate to this? What a completely let down.

"Look, I'm not 'going to leave yet,' or at all, for that matter. So you can get off your high horse and stop trying."

Simon smooths the wrinkles of his plain, collared sleeved shirt. I observe intently as he attempts to flatten out every crease and fold. Notably, Simon has always been a perfectionist back then, I guess nothing has really changed.

"You seem to be underestimating my ability, Maya," my chest grew heavy as he said my name. "I have the exceptional ability to make anyone feel like shit. You should know that better than anyone else."

I gnawed on my lower lip, attempting to keep my chin up. "Well, I haven't been bothered much yet. So I suggest that you stop wasting your time."

I lied. I'm having one of the worst weeks in the history of weeks. And I had to clip grandpa's toenails just recently.

"That's good to hear," Simon brought his voice down to a barely whisper. "Because I'm just getting warmed up."

A large ball begun to form at my throat, restricting any coherent sound. "Warmed up?" I shrieked.

"Definitely, you have no idea what I have in store for you... Robinson." He flashed a devious set of fangs, before walking into the hallway. A dark cloud seemingly followed Simon like a large warning sign everyone fails to heed. But If I did not know any better, I wouldn't even think about crossing that line.

So after a few schedule changes, my counselor finally sorted any knots in my classes. I was finally, officially, an enrolled student in Arthur Green academy. Feels nice to be back.

And Of course, I had to start off the day with English. I had no particular problem with literature. I mean, it does have its exceptional aspect, but I always remembered the teacher to be quite... Bonkers? The woman had us take a personality test before enrolling for her class! I could only imagine what she had in mind.

In addition, I certainly don't want to kick off the morning with migraine from having to listen to her ramble about baseless conspires or how she failed to become an actress. No thank you.

So I walk into Ms. Bumble's room, and the first thing I see is Shakespeare laying against my desk. My prime gut instinct told that me she was going to fuck up another classic, like she always seemed to do.

I set my items down, and pulled out a seat before feeling a tap at my shoulder.

Instantaneously, I whirled around. My eyes feasted upon a familiar cheeky grin accompanied by a pair of cute dimples. We've met yesterday, but his name was filed within deep cabinets of my brain.

"Hey... You..."

I attempted to play off my ignorance subtly, but to my surprise, he simply chuckled. "Gabe," he planted himself right next to me. "Maya Robinson right?"

"Y-yeah." I stared in mild awe. The guy remembered everything down to my last name. It isn't much, but that's far more than I can accomplish.

"You're taking literature?" He rested his head against his hand. "How impressive. You must be intellectually gifted to have a passion for fine English."

I never took the time to notice how truly dazzling he is: Polite and sophisticated, what a pleasant alternative to Simon.

"Well yeah, what can I say," I shrugged. "I've always had a knack for... Uh... Reading?"

Gabe sits back, with an amused grin.

"Oh yeah? And what's your favorite novel?"

"My favorite- uh..." I found myself looking around the room, once again, for answers. "Cat in the Hat?"

Damn it, I've really got to stop fibbing.

Gabe bursts into pure laughter from my half-brained response. It left me in no confusion what so ever. I was a complete idiot compared to him. There's simply no denying.

Suddenly, he leaned forward, causing me to draw back a bit. My cheeks were already burning from embarrassment, it didn't help that our distance was decreasing my the minute.

His eyes glistened from the tears of laughter, and faint wonder.

"Cute and funny," he commented. "Just the way I like it."

He sits back, leaving My heart racing within my rib cage like a cheetah on a sugar rush. I wouldn't be surprised if it leaped out of my chest any minute now.

Luckily, Ms. Bumble begun to lecture, which drew away some attention from my maddened heart beat. This is the first time I'm actually grateful that my deranged English teacher opened her mouth.

Suddenly, the door swung open, drawing me out of the discussion for a moment. Well, actually I was hardly paying attention to begin with.

Of course, it couldn't be any other person in the world... Than my sworn nemesis.

Wow, first period is getting better and better each second.

"Mr. Lockhart, why are we late?" Ms. Bumble looked past her thin glasses towards the tardy boy.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Bumble, I had some important things to tend to. I promise it won't happen again."

The woman pushed her glasses against her face and returned to teaching.

I stood there incredulously, pondering at how he had not gotten further lecture. Damn, even teachers are brainwashed by his charm! Simon really does have connections at the heart of this school.

During the entire period, I kept my eyes fixed on the back of Simon's head, hoping my glare would eventually burn through his skull. It didn't work, but I'm sure he felt discomfort at some degree.

"Okay, today. I would like to open up with a partner assignment." Bumble bellowed, creating an echo through the room.

The entire class groaned to which Bumble simple disregarded.

"If you recalled, each one of you had to take a personality diagnostic to enroll for literature. So using your different characteristics, I took the liberty to assign partners based on compatibility. If you've filled random bubbles during this survey... Well you're out of luck. This teaches you to stop bullshitting on test," she proceeded to cover her language with a plastic smile. "In tribute to my opening premier...at the Chinese restaurant in downtown... I'd like to all to make a short, creative interpretation of a piece written by Shakespeare's. Without further ado, let's begin."

She begun to go down the roster with each name corresponding with another. Most of the time, opposite sexes were paired together, which only had me question the woman's mental state even more.

And finally she rolled over to my Simon's name.

"Simon Lockhart."

My nearly crossed every part of my body and prayed to any God out there that I would not be the unfortunate soul tied down to his punk ass.

"Adeline Johnson."

"Yes! Yes! I'm with Simon... I'm with Simon... My partner is Simon Lockhart!" She sang as though she'd just won the lottery.

I exhaled in relief. Maybe my luck wasn't so bad after all. I just have to get through another day of-

"Oh that must have been a mistake, excuse me," Bumble continues. My gaze drew upwards.


"Mistake?" Adeline verbalized my thoughts. I felt sorry for the poor girl. I guess her dreams are really unbecoming today.

"Maya Robinson, you are working with Simon Lockhart for the rest of the semester. Your Shakespeare piece- Romeo and Juliet."