Whoever said bad things only come in three's was certainly not a wizard. Unfortunately Damian was, and so far in one week he'd gotten into a fist fight with a demon, he'd fallen out with his brother again, blown up his basement again, lost his car keys, set his kitchen table on fire... oh and it was only Wednesday. Damian was blaming all that and more on the stupid supernatural war that was raging around him and that he kept getting pulled into, much to his annoyance. He just couldn't believe that in the 21st century Angel's were still starting wars with other religions or in this case with anyone who disagreed with them and wasn't human. As an immortal wizard with a surprisingly long history of dealing with conflict the wizarding council had refused to let him back out of this one, after all his knowledge was extremely valuable. Yeah right, they just didn't want to run the risk of him joining someone else's team, which was so not going to happen as the only other team was heaven's side and Damian really didn't fit the part of heaven's noble warrior. Oh well it didn't matter all that much, he had a meeting at the council's headquarters at the end of the week and then he could go back to his nice peaceful life of slaying vampires, dispatching ghost's and scaring other supernatural monsters in the name of protecting mortals. He fit the part quite nicely not intimidating and fairly nice looking which made mortals want to talk to him and supernatural things think they could best him. He was about 5'8 with jet black hair and very pale skin due to spending to much time working nights or in his library and very skinny, his eyes were a bright piercing blue which were the first thing anyone noticed about him, that and the two silver rings in his right earlobe. His choice of clothing left a lot to be desired for in his brothers opinion: he always wore the same worn out leather jacket, with jeans and black boots, shirts were the only things that varied in colour and design. He was quite strong even though he was so skinny and was faster than most everyone he'd met so he could easily best most of his opponents, supernatural or otherwise. Right now he was reading through a huge leather bound book on Angels looking for lore about a lost artefact of some kind for a fallen angel he didn't know, as a favour for a fallen angel he did know. Why they didn't know where this artefact was even though it was an angelic artefact was beyond him but Kaeleb was his friend and he'd agreed to do it. Of course that was a little over a week ago and he'd nearly exhausted his collection of books with anything to do with angels and history, this was the last one and honestly so far it was a bust. Nearly nine hours later Damian was woken from where he'd fallen asleep, probably about four hours previously, head on the book, by his mobile ringing. A glance at the clock told him it was almost midnight and Damian groaned before answering.

"This better be bloody important."

"I'm sorry Damian did I wake you?"

"No Kaeleb I was out having a swim at ten to midnight, and don't be condescending with me I'm not in the mood."

"Fine I merely phoned to warn you that there is talk of a large scuffle in heaven that will happen somewhere near your property."

"Scuffle… wait never mind don't bother clarifying I don't need to know anyway."

"Either way if I were you I would be extremely vigilant tonight."

"Sure, at least someone cares."

"I take it you have argued with your brother?"

"I don't remember mentioning Michael."

"You don't need to Damian, remember I know you well."

"All right all right but can we just not mention him any more?"

"As you wish, will I see you at the council meeting on Saturday?"

"Yea if I get some sleep between now and then."

"Goodnight Damian."

Kaeleb had hung up before Damian could answer and with a sigh he dropped his phone down onto the table and got up stretching his arms up to the ceiling listening to his back and neck crack.

"Probably best if I spend the rest of the night in bed." He sighed, wandering up the stairs to his room.

The house was a huge, Elizabethan manor house with three floors plus attic and cellar. The grounds went on for miles with fields and forests and a few small cottages that used to belong to grounds keepers but were now either empty of in two case rented out, one to a fairy and one to a friendly werewolf. The manor itself was kind of lonely now days, until recently it had been filled with immortal teenage witches and wizards, fallen angels, elves, a few nymphs and miscellaneous creatures such as a phoenix that lived in the library and a witches familiar who liked annoying him. The cat was still here and along with the resident ghost Charlie made up all of Damian's company for the past month. Everyone else had moved away now that mortal at least partially excepted the supernatural and with the war ragging around them they had other places they could go and do good. Damian on the other hand liked it here, it was his uncle's, (who'd raised him and his brother), house and it was quite a lovely place. Damian's room was on the top floor, with a balcony looking out onto the back of the property, he left the curtains open as it was a clear night with a beautiful moon but closed the windows, couldn't be to careful. He got ready for bed, typical sweatpants and t-shirt and laid down staring out the window. He was almost asleep, when the sky started to light up, huge flashes of light in all different colours. Damian groaned he'd rather hoped Kaeleb was wrong, still it wasn't quite on the property and the barriers around the property should hold out against stray bolts of lightning and pure energy. Damian was almost used to the periodic flashes of light and almost asleep again, when six balls of light lit up the sky and plummeted towards the earth.

"Well that can't be good."

Just as Damian said it one of the balls of light hit his barriers and they shattered with a sound like breaking glass.

"Oh for the love of Merlin." Damian growled as he grabbed his staff and headed out of his room.