Damian was pretty sure that if his life continued along the same lines as the last week or so he'd be dead by the end of the year, which considering he was immortal would be quite a feat indeed. On the plus side his head didn't hurt this time round, in fact nothing hurt which was both nice and worrying. As he took in his surroundings he realised he'd some how made it from the alleyway to a bed, and he was clothed in a loose t-shirt and slacks. He tried to sit up to get a look at his surroundings but the moment he moved the pain came back and he groaned, there was a hand on his shoulder gently pushing him back onto the bed before he could do himself any more damage.

"Stay still, the boys will have fits if you hurt yourself." Delilah whispered.

"Elyon and the other angels?" Damian asked.

"Kaeleb and Balthazar managed to get rid of them while I was looking after the villagers, who as per usual are taking it in there stride. I expect you'll be receiving flowers and fruit and all that other stuff they send to people who get hurt." She said off handedly as she brought a glass of water to his lips.

Damian took a few sips before laying his head back down.

"What about Kris, what happened to him."

"You'll have to wait for Kaeleb for that, I'll go get him for you. Don't you even think of moving or I'll stick you to the bed for a month of Sundays." She said menacingly as she left the room.

Damian really hoped she was misusing a human saying instead of threatening to bind him to the bed for eternity but he decided not to find out, instead closing his eyes and slowly categorising his injuries. They didn't seem nearly as bad as they should be, the pain was there but dull and nothing appeared broken. Although his head still felt terrible which was to be expected given the amount of hits he'd taken to it and what ever Elyon had done to him before he'd passed out. He still had his eyes closed when Kaeleb came in.

"I do hope you haven't passed out again Damian. I still have to lecture you yet."

Damian groaned, the thought was almost enough to make him want to pass out. Almost.

"Is that really necessary?" He whined opening his eyes to look up at the angel.

"Well that depends did you at all antagonize Elyon while he was attempting to beat you to death." Kaeleb queried almost teasingly.

"Maybe a little, but he was going to hit me whether I kept my mouth shut or not." Damian replied petulantly.

"True. How's your head." He asked as he laid a hand on it gently.

"It hurts." He admitted. "What exactly did Elyon do?"

"It's a simple technique, attacking the centres of the brain that control pain and setting them all off at once. It's a crude way of hurting someone and usually results in the victims unconsciousness." Kaeleb explained as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

"I noticed, but where's Kris, Delilah said I had to ask you."

"Kris was still in your head when Elyon performed the spell, which Elyon well knew. He lost his temper."

Damian winced, Kris losing his temper was not a good thing, far from it. It was the one time he couldn't control his transformation and having a pissed off werewolf on the loose was not fun. Kaeleb seemed to read his mind and gave him a reassuring smile.

"He was still coherent enough to recognise me and Balthazar as friends and so far no one has been hurt. Although he hasn't been seen since then."

"Hang on, how long have I been out?"

"Nearly twenty four hours, although you have been conscience a few times but not coherent though, Delilah was beginning to worry."

"What only Delilah." Damian teased pushing himself up a bit.

"Of course, I stopped worrying about you years ago." Kaeleb replied with a smile.

"What happened to Balthazar?" Damian asked pushing back until he was lent against the headboard. Turned out they were in his room.

"He's around the house somewhere. He wanted to see you when you woke up, although I'm not sure whether it's to lecture you or thank you." Kaeleb said as he got up. "Or maybe both, either way I'll go tell him you're awake."

Damian pouted, of course someone was going to lecture him. They couldn't just be thankful he was alrig… Okay so maybe he wasn't alright but the principal was the same. Someone had quite obviously healed him partially, although he did wonder why they hadn't completed the job, he hoped everyone else was alright magic wise. What ever spell had been used to get rid of the angels could have completely drained them for all he knew, although Kaeleb had looked alright. He was pulled from his musings by the reappearance of Kaeleb, this time accompanied by Balthazar.

"Oh good you're alright, I was beginning to worry about you." Balthazar said as he sat on one side of the bed as Kaeleb sat on the other. "I'm sorry about what happened."

"It's fine, wasn't your fault. I'm always getting into trouble whether I'm protecting people or not." Damian assured him as Kaeleb chuckled.

"Believe him Balthazar, Kris wasn't joking when he said he could get into trouble in an empty house." Kaeleb reminded him before addressing Damian. "For instance I see you blew up the basement again."

"It wasn't my fault, the wizard who wrote that grimoire Alice gave me was a psycho. I followed the instructions perfectly."

"Or not." Kaeleb suggested.

Damian grumbled under his breath and both angels laughed, which in turn caused Damian a small smile. Happiness was annoyingly catchy.

"When am I going to be able to get out of bed?" Damian asked.

"You should be able to move around with limited pain by tomorrow, after that it shouldn't be much longer before the rest of the pain fades away completely." Kaeleb reassured him.

"It's about 5pm, if you're still awake at 3am you can get up." Balthazar pacified when Damian pouted.

"But that's ten hours away." Damian whined.

"What are you five?" Delilah asked as she came into the room, perching herself on the chest of draws.

"Oh definitely." Kaeleb said. "But whether that's years or months is debatable."

"You lot aren't nice." Damian whinged, slumping down into the bed.

The other three laughed at the petulant look Damian had.

"Well don't worry I came to get Kaeleb, he has visitors." Delilah explained as she pushed herself off the chest.

"That'll be Abby." Kaeleb said as he got up. "You should probably come as well Delilah, She said she was going to bring Timothy."

"Oh good I like Timothy. Maybe I can convince him to come to a ball with me." Delilah said happily.

"Timothy?" Balthazar asked when they'd left.

"Fairy, his dad is part of the council and he's a sort of diplomat." Damian explained. Balthazar nodded so Damian continued. "I feel a bit guilty, I've been out of it most of the time you've been awake."

"It's fine, I am mostly to blame for that after all aren't I." He replied.

"Well let's call it even, shall we." Damian said hopefully, smiling when Balthazar nodded.

"I am however curious as to why you stood up to Elyon, even before you knew anything about me." The angel asked curiosity evident in his voice.

"Elyon's a bully, and I don't like bullies. I also can't stand people who think they're better than everyone else." Damian replied after a moments thought. "In all honestly it's probably why I've never really liked any of the older immortal wizards, they get on my nerves."

"They are your superiors." He pointed out with some amusement. "Most of them make up your council, or at least work for it."

"Don't much like the council either. Which is why I never joined, I was offered a job as a guard, a few times in fact. But I dislike taking orders."

"That does not surprise me in the slightest."

Damian shrugged, he was getting restless and he doubted he'd be able to last ten hours in bed, and sleep was out of the question.

"Do you have any family?" Balthazar asked with a small tilt of his head.

"Uh yea, There's my older brother Michael, and we were raised by are uncle Julian who has a daughter a little younger than us who's called Alice." Damian replied, distracted by the sudden turn in conversation.

"Tell me about them?" The angel asked.

And Damian did, he spoke for ages of the things his brother, his cousin and him had gotten up to over the years. Told him the things Julian had taught them and the place's he'd taken them. He talked for hours and only stopped when his eyes started to betray how tired he'd become by closing every now and again.

"Go back to sleep Damian, the world will still be here when you wake." Balthazar said kindly as Damian's eyes closed again.

"Well I bloody well hope it is." Damian mumbled as he slipped back into the realm of dreams.