[In a universe separate from Galactiquest, where only Roxie and Jun know each other, Roxie stands in a public area with a shirt and a sign that says 'Free Hugs'. Mia walks by]

Roxie: Would you care for a free hug?

[Mia stops and mulls it over a little bit. She shrugs and then smiles]

Mia: Sure, why not?

[Mia gives Roxie a hug. Mia feels warm and fuzzy inside.]

Mia: Thank you.

Roxie: [giving a two-finger salute] No problem! Have a nice day!

Mia: You too! [walks away]

[Lorenzo and Emil walk by]

Roxie: Would you two be interested in complimentary embraces?

Lorenzo: [politely] Thanks, but I'll pass.

Emil: Well don't mind if I do!

[Emil gives Roxie a hug, nearly squeezing the life out of her.]

Roxie: If I were grading hugs, that would've been an A+, my friend!

Emil: [bowing] Thank you. I try~

Roxie: [to both, waving] Have a nice day!

Both: [walking away] You too!

[Roxie sees Jun in the crowd]

Roxie: Hey Junzie!

[Jun turns around and walks in Roxie's direction, arms outstretched and smiling. Jun picks Roxie up in a hug, then sets her down. Roxie does the same to Jun.]

Jun: You're giving out free hugs?

Roxie: Yep!

[Jun laughs and ruffles Roxie's hair]

Jun: Well, I gotta get going, Rox. [walking away]Catch ya' later!

Roxie: Have a nice day!

Jun: [in the distance] Same!

[Aiden walks by]

Roxie: Would you like a free hug?

Aiden: No thanks.

Roxie: Okay! Have a nice day!

[Aiden waves back. Shortly after, someone comes running and snatches Roxie's sign away]

Roxie: [starting to run after them] Hey! My sign!

[She stops.]

Roxie: Well, at least I have my shirt.

[Just in that instant, something else rushes past her. Before too long, Aiden comes running back with the sign, which is slightly beaten up]

Aiden: Here's your sign back. I kinda beat the thief over the head with it, so it's a little bent.

Roxie: Wow! Thank you so much! Is there anything I can do to repay you? Wait! [pulls out her wallet, hands him $20] Please, I insist.

Aiden: I….

[Roxie waves the $20. Aiden slowly takes it. He looks at Roxie, who is beaming as bright as ever. He looks away at the ground beside him. Finally, he shrugs.]

Aiden: [outstretching his arms] Might as well take you up on your offer while I'm here.

[They hug. Roxie squeezes him really tightly.]

Aiden: [leaving] Take care.

Roxie: You too!

Aiden: [further away] And watch out for pickpockets!

Roxie: Will do!

[Business is slow for a couple hours. Just as Roxie was getting board, Angelo walks by crying and looking lost]

Roxie: Excuse me!

[Angelo looks in Roxie's direction, startled]

Roxie: You look like you're having a bad day. Would you like a hug?

[Angelo stumbles on his words for a few seconds]

Angelo: A-Are you sure?

Roxie: I'm wearing a Free Hugs t-shirt and carrying a sign! I'm not sure how much more sure I can get!

Angelo: But I-I've been crying, so my face is all s-slimy, and—

Roxie: I assume you're wearing a shirt under that coat; use that!

Angelo: O-Oh, of course! E-excuse me. [Wipes face with shirt. Zips up coat]

[Roxie gives him a comforting hug. Angelo feels a little better.]

Angelo: Thank you very much.

Roxie: No problem!

Angelo: By the way, have you seen my brother? He's about your height, his hair kinda goes upward. I think he was wearing a striped shirt?

Roxie: I don't think I've seen anyone like that.

Angelo: We got separated in the crowd…I'll try and see if I can find him. Thank you so much for your kindness. [starts to leave]

Roxie: Hey wait! If you guys lost each other around this area, then maybe it would be easier for him to find you if you'd stay in one place. Just in case you two keep barely missing each other.

Angelo: That sounds like a good idea.

Roxie: [handing Angelo her sign] Here, why don't you take this off my hands. You don't have to hug anyone if you don't want to; you can just direct them to me.

Angelo: A-actually….can I? If they want to, that is. But if you feel it's taking away from your business, I understand.

Roxie: Of course! The more the merrier!

[Roxie and Angelo stood together, giving the occasional hug to passers-by. Roxie passes the time in between by chatting.]

Angelo: What made you decide to do this?

Roxie: [shrugs]I like hugs. People like hugs. I like making people happy. If more people were happy, I think less people would do things like I dunno, trying to steal people's 'Free Hugs' signs. I like to think it makes some sort of difference.

[Angelo looks like he's about to say something, but is debating on it]

Roxie: Got something on your mind?

Angelo: Well, normally, I'd be terrified of offering hugs to random strangers, but, after hugging you, I wanted to make other people happier like you made me [looks at Roxie's shocked expression]…I apologize if it sounds kinda sappy.

Roxie: No, no! Sappy is good! I just… never knew I had that much of an impact.

Angelo: [smiling at Roxie] Well…

[The crowd has died down for the evening by this point, and Leon walks by, looking nervous. He stops when he sees Angelo and Roxie, lifts his head up, and back down to cast a deep breath]

Leon: Hey, Angie! Why didn't you tell me you were giving out free hugs!

Angelo: I decided to stay here so I'd be easier to find! It was her idea. [points at Roxie]

Leon: [to Roxie] Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for finding my brother! I was panicking.

Roxie: All in a day's work.

Leon: [outstretching arms] May I? It's the least I could do for you helping me out.

Roxie: Be my guest!

[Leon gives Roxie a warm hug]

[After some short goodbyes, they part their separate ways. Roxie walks halfway down the sidewalk until she hears something]

Angelo: Roxie!

[Roxie turns around. Leon and Angelo are walking in her direction.]

Angelo: Will you be here tomorrow?

Roxie: Yeah, why?

Leon: Well, neither of us have a lot of money on us right now, but if we don't get separated getting back here, we could treat you to lunch tomorrow. Is that alrighty?

Roxie: Aww, come on, you guys don't have to!

Leon: We insist!

Roxie: …Alright, sounds like fun! I'll be waiting!

Leon: Alright!

Roxie: You two have a good evening. Hold hands if you have to so you don't get lost again!

[Angelo hooks his arm into Leon's. Roxie gives a double thumbs-up.]

Leon: You too!

Angelo: Thanks again!

[They leave. Roxie continues walking, smiling to herself as she reflects on her day]