Some people will never get that depression is more than just sad... They'll say things like; "Cheer it on up... It isn't that bad."

They must feel good being blind when they don't wanna see that there's really much more than the assumption of me.

Cause so much commotion... Loving half my emotions.

And when their advice is "get happy", then you know their help's crappy.

It shows they ain't been through shit, so they don't wanna hear it.

You know you're out of their reach, cus they don't practice, THEY PREACH!
You know if people walked their own walk then the messes could stop.
You know that you could rise up, but it's hard drop after drop.

And the fools who seem to think that depressed just means sad... Are the same fools who feel that silence is mad.

They also think that belittling an issue somehow makes it any less bad.

That's why I say they don't get it... It's why I say they don't understand... That you aren't getting happier cus of someones demand.

And let me give you a shocker that makes the optimist mad...

The truth is nobody gets happier when they tell them "get glad."