In my sleep is the only place I can go for peace. Arguing, fighting, and chaos is everywhere I turn in my life, my mother has severe depression and almost every night she completely breaks down, screaming and crying profanities, sometimes it gets so bad that I lock myself in the bathroom because I'm having a panic attack, the tantrums are worse now since she lost her job. It's times like that when I wish I could still see my therapist, one of the things we had to cut because of the lack of money coming in. When I leave the house I usually go to the library, the quiet helps me concentrate on my homework and looking at colleges. Sometimes my best and only friend, Violet, comes and we study together then take the subway to Manhattan to go walking in Central Park, talking about the future.

It was a cold February morning when my alarm abruptly awoke me from a peaceful sleep. I got up and threw on my ripped jeans, white spaghetti strap tank top and leather jacket. I took a look in the mirror and was completely disgusted at what I was looking at then carefully applied all of my makeup and brushed out my hair. Looking at the finished project I felt so much better about my appearance. I really wish that I thought of myself as pretty the way that I am, but the constant bullying I had and still have to put up with every single day of my life. After I was done getting ready I realized that I was about to miss my train to school. As I was running to the subway station I realized that I left my MetroCard at home. Well I had enough change in my pockets to get a ride to school and back, it was going to take a little longer to get into the station.

By the time I got into the station, I had just enough time to slide in the doors right before they close. I almost lost my balance as I was trying to find a seat when the train took off. I finally found a seat and waited for the school day to pass so I could go to the library.

When I finally arrived at school, I walked into first period and sat down next to Violet. "Hey, did you hear about our new student from Connecticut?" Violet asked me, being the gossip queen that she is.

"No. Where did you hear that we were getting a new student?" I responded.

"You know better than to ask me silly questions like that." She giggled and winked.

"Haha. Well how much more do you know about this person?"

"It's a guy from Connecticut, he lives in the same neighborhood in Queens as you, his name is Mikki, and he's this first period." As Violet was finishing her sentence a tall, muscular, dark hair, and blue-eyed guy came in and sat in front of me. Everything got awkward considering that we were just talking about him.

Towards the middle of class, I got up to go to the bathroom. While I was walking down the hallway I saw a few of the guys from the football team come walking down the hall. They hated people like me, people who are different and proud of being different. I tried to keep walking and not make eye contact to avoid trouble. "Hey! Look at the way she walks! Why don't you put on a little show for us?" One of the guys shouted at me while trying to grope me. "Pl-please. Please stop." I whimpered, trying to keep walking, hoping that they would leave me alone. But I was wrong, there were only 3 of them but they crowded me and tried even more to sexually harass me. I began to pant, whimper, then finally tears started to stream down my face as I was begging and pleading with them to leave me alone. Soon they got tired of hurting me and walked off making pompous comments and laughing. I slid down the wall of where I was violated and began to cry even more. I cried and I cried, just wanting to fade away from the world. The next thing I know I could hear footsteps and I was racing to wipe the tears off of my face and make it look like I wasn't crying. It was Mikki, the new guy. "Mr. McClain wants you back in-. Woah. Are you okay? Why are you crying? It's Luna, right?" He asked as he sat next to me. "Yes. And I'm fine. Just some football jerks tried know.." I responded as my eyes began to water again.

"Hey. It's okay. Let's get you cleaned up. And if any of those guys bother you again let me know. If it's one thing I can't stand, it's guys sexually harassing girls." Mikki said as he helped me up and helped me slash water on my face. "I'll see you later." Mikki left right as my cheeks were turning a soft shade of pink.