She seemed nice, she seemed sweet and caring. But the sad truth is, she was none of the above. Once you got to know her, she was a despicable, dishonest and all-around evil human being. She stole childhoods from innocent children and didn't care. She traumatized people who, without ever knowing her, would lead a completely normal life. She didn't care about anyone but herself, and her needs. Anyone who disagreed with her would either be locked away or killed. My name is Andrea Hathaway and I know this woman. I was one of her victims.

It was a normal day, I just got off from my job as a hostess at Olive Garden. I was walking home when I felt one hand over my mouth and the other over my eyes. Whoever was doing this was also pulling me backwards. I tried to fight the person off but, being blinded. It didn't help me much. The I felt a pipe-like object hit me over the head. Everything went black.

When I woke up I was surrounded in a dreary-looking shack with a lot of other people around my age. But one thing was different about them. They were all dressed as little kids. "Don't worry. It's not as bad as it looks." An older looking girl with an exotic look to her said to me as she gave me bread and some water.

"Thanks," I said as I took the bread and water. "Where am I?"

"You're at Ms. Gertrude's house."

"Who's Ms. Gertrude?"

"The lady who owns this house."

"This house?" I asked looking around the shack.

"No, we just eat here because the dinning room is too small for all of us." The girl then took my hand, lead me out of the shack and pointed to this big beautiful mansion surrounded by the most gorgeous green pasture I've ever seen. But far off in the distance there was an electric fence.

"Why am I here?"

"Ms. Gertrude saw you walking and she took an instant liking to you and wanted to have you for an adopted daughter, I guess. That's usually her reasoning."

"You're surprisingly okay with the fact that you might never see your family again."

"She treats us very well here, as long as you behave."

"What happens if you don't behave?"

"No one knows, no one has ever misbehaved before."

"Why does she do this?"

"She feels that she can provide the best for anyone she can provide for. There is only one person here who is biologically related to her, and that is her son, Thomas." The girl pointed to this good-looking guy, who looked to be around my age, socializing with some of the other people in the shack.

"Why is everyone dressed like toddlers?" I asked.

"No one really knows. Everybody fears that asking Ms. Gertrude of her methods would upset her. Even Thomas doesn't know."

"I never got your name."

"My name is Maria."

"I'm Andrea."

"Nice to meet you, Andrea. Let me introduce you to some of the others." Maria took my hand again and walked me over to a couple cuddling up to each other in a corner of the shack. "Alyssa and Caleb, this is Andrea. She's new here. Andrea, this is Alyssa and Caleb."

"Hi." Both Alyssa and Caleb said at the same time. Thinking it was cute, they rubber their noses together and cuddled each other tighter.

"They are usually so tied up in each other they don't realize what's going on around them." Maria said as she was leading from the shack to the large house. Once we were in the house all Maria told me that it was time for bed and showed me to my room. When I got into bed I curled up under the sheets and went to sleep wondering what my life would be like from now on.