I jumped up and nearly tackled Thomas and asked; "What special exception? What are you talking about?"

"My mom likes you more than the others and wants you to be with me in every way possible. She figured that both of us dressing as children might be a turn off." Thomas explained.

"WHAT?! Hell no. I am NOT having your children!"

"That's not your choice. If it was, you wouldn't have been captured." With that he left and fear swam over me. I felt a warm liquid run down my legs. I had soiled myself. Tears began to slide down my face as I hurried to clean up the pee from my legs and the floor. I cannot believe not only is this psychopath woman make her diluted son take my virginity, but rape me until I get pregnant. I cannot live to be a mother with my kidnappers son.

Once I was done cleaning I showered and got dressed. Once I was done getting ready my stomach rumbled. I went down stairs to see Maria, Andrea and Caleb. They greeted me then I took them into a corner and whispered: "I have to tell you guys something."