Hello I am Dakota, and I just finished writing my first major novel, a personal work that I may sell later on. It is about 6 teenagers who have extraordinary powers. Three of these teenagers are invisible humans named Jasmine, Crystal, and Castor. Jasmine used to date Castor until he dumped her for Crystal. Another teen is a painting-come-to-life, named Bella she can talk, listen and see. However she is only painted from the shoulders up so if she has to go anywhere, she has to be carried. Josh is a werewolf, and a very protective one. Jacob will do anything it takes to do the right thing. The last super-teen is a mirror, named Kora. Kora is the leader of the group as well as a mentor.

Feeling proud of my work I closed my laptop after triple checking to see if it saved three times. Then I felt dizzy and began to see black spots. I went to go lay down and was swept away by the darkness.