I wake up to hear two different voices having a conversation, but when I opened my eyes to see who it was, there was no one there. The voices sounded like they were right next to me, but there was nothing there. I sat up and say "Hello?"

"Oh you're awake. That's good. Now you can tell us who you are." Said a females voice, again nowhere to be seen.

"I'm Dakota. Who are you? Where are you?" I say, looking around.

"I'm Crystal and this is Jack. You can't see us because no one can, we're invisible." Said the female voice. I couldn't believe my ears. Could my imaginary character be real? Is this some sort of fever dream? After a while, I finally got the courage to say these words: "I created you."

"What the hell of you mean 'I created you'?" Said, who I assume was Jack.

"I just finished a novel with characters just like you. You're figments of my imagination." I exclaimed.

"We are not!" Crystal cried.

"Jack used to date Jasmine, another invisible teenager, until he dumped her for you. There is Bella, a painted come-to-life but she can't walk, she has to be carried. Then there is Josh, the over protective werewolf who always wants to do the right thing. And lastly, Kora, she's the leader and a magic mirror." I stop, out of breath. There was silence then I feel myself being dragged by my arms somewhere. "Where are we going?" I ask.

Jack says, "To see Kora."