R.A.D - Rebel Against Dystopia


It's all over. I have no purpose. A teenage boy thought to himself as his light foot steps splashed through numerous puddles. The boy's once vibrant red hair was now dirty and had lost its lustrous shine. His red eyes were hollow and solemn.

The pelting rain soaked his face and clothes stealing what little remained of his warmth. But the boy did not care, he just continued pacing forward with complete indifference.

"Granny, that boy..." A little girl stared at the lifelessly moving teen. Her face was filled with worry, just as her legs started towards him, a hand was placed on her shoulder.

"There is nothing you can do, give him time." The kind elderly lady advised her descendant. The little girl, even as tears stained her face watched the teenage boy continue moving until he disappeared out of sight.

The teenage boy placed one foot in front of the other, neither the sound of traffic or voices of those passing reached his ears. He had locked himself within his own mind.

Everything has been lost.

The boy's mind flashed back to a scene of flames. Numerous vehicles were smashed together and had created a domino effect of tragedies. Smells of blood and smoke intermingled along with the sounds of sirens.

"SHIN! SHINNN-!" The teenage boy shouted at his older brother, tightly grasping the hand that was slowly losing strength. Their parents had already passed on, Shin was the final hope the teen had.

Shin painfully opened his eyes and looked at his crying brother, light did not enter his eyes, the only thing that told him who was before him was the sound of the screaming voice. "Re...d...chan" He whispered quietly the nickname he gave his brother. The name that usually resulted in a harsh retort, only received silence in response.

The teen walked by his brother's side as he was lifted into the ambulance. "…." Shin's voice did not reach his brother as he mouthed a silent sentence before the ambulance door was shut and he was sped away. Leaving his brother standing blankly among the mayhem, as paramedics and passing volunteers desperately applied first aid to the seriously injured.

This was the final time the teen saw his brother. The teen upon hearing of his Shin's passing went into a shock induced panic attack as his grief screamed throughout the hospital hallways.

The teen's recollection ended when he arrived at his destination. One month had passed since that day. The teen took off his socks and shoes and stood on the guard rail, looking down at the fast flowing river below him. The pedestrians panicked upon realising his intentions but their attempts to intervene were too late.

"We can finally be together again, not just Shin, but Mum and Dad too." A smile surfaced on the teen's face whilst a tear slid down his cheek.

He no longer felt anything solid under his feet.

His body was assaulted by the air resistance as the river's panorama grew larger until it was all he could see.

The pedestrian's desperate shouts only vibrated the air as they gazed down from the bridge. But to the teen, they did not exist. His mind was in another plain from them, and thus neither their existence's nor his could intertwine.

Just as the teen was about to hit the water's surface a colossal discharge of lightning surrounded his body momentarily, before disappearing, along with the teen. The onlooking pedestrians were stunned at the sight, disbelief clouded their faces. The boy had not drowned, he simply disappeared.

"Urghhh!" With a heavy groan the red haired teenage boy opened his eyes. Everything was a blur as he slowly picked himself up from the ground and looked on, the sight before him returned him back to his senses. "What is this place?" He asked rhetorically.

It did not look like heaven. It was closer to something out of a science fiction movie. The teen stood bare foot on a mountainous trash heap of metal, ranging from vehicles to home appliances. His gaze turned to the sky, that was littered with vehicles that looked like airships. Numerous search lights shined down onto the ground and illuminated the otherwise pitch black landscape.

The teen watched the airships hover through the sky before his eyes were drawn to a huge building that pierced into the heavens and looked like some sort of factory. Many other smaller structures surrounded the factory, and a tall wire fence with multiple watch towers further surrounded that.

As the teen stood in frightened awe a loud screech filled the area before a robotic like voice announced. "The date is now 23rd March 2026, midnight. Please return to your settlements and rest. Good night." The teen who heard that voice could not believe his ears. The day was right, the month was right, but the year had been increased by ten.

"What on earth is going on?" He asked fearfully.

He had attempted to take his life and reunite with his family in heaven, but what had awaited him was this "Hell".

Author Notes

Well a new project that I thought up pretty much out of nowhere. I tend to do this when I'm stuck on Soul Anomaly just so that I'm still writing. Well Reuben who has gone through hell has now basically arrived in it. So how will things go for him? (I want to know the answer to this one the most). Well I hope this wasn't too bad.