Tree Book

It starts off as a seed, a beady little seed tumbling around in your mind. At first you don't know what to do with your seed. There's no instructions, no manual, no help. So you leave it alone for a while, until one day when you have a pencil and paper and nothing else to do. So you start writing, and your seed is planted.

It starts off rough all trees do, you must water it, love it, fertilize it, watch it, and give it light. And eventually your tree will blossom into a sturdy sapling. This sturdy sapling will experience rough spots and weak spots but don't you ever let it die.

So after time and time again your tree book will keep growing, with your pencils and pens you write out it's gracious branches and glowing leaves, you bring your tree taller every time you even touch the paper. Though sometimes, when your tree gets messy you trim out the weak branches and withered leaves. So when you keep caring for your tree book and when it becomes a brilliance of wonder and excitement you let the world see your tree book.

People will love it, if you cared for it, people will stare at the pages and leaves and reach out to feel the branches between their fingers. With amazement and glory your tree book will stand proudly before the world… But people will also despise it. They will tear the leaves and snap the branches. They will throw words of hate towards your tree book and not care where they end up. With dark thoughts and thorny hearts they will cripple your beautiful tree book till it's nothing more than broken branches. And, with one swift swing of an axe, your tree book will fall.

They will prance away with teasing grins and leave you to your misery. But do you want to know what I tell you? I tell you to get up. Don't just lye there, nothing will get better, get up and go get your pens, your paper, pencils, leaves, branches, watering can, grab your sticks and rope, your glue and duck tape. Go fix your tree book.

It won't be easy, nothing rewarding ever is, but you need to collect the tattered leaves and mend the broken branches. Stand your tree book up tall because it is your tree book. The people who destroyed it have never even grown a tree, never even tried. They had no right! Put your tape and glue in the holes, write new leaves back on the bare branches, wrap your rope around the trunk of your tree book and don't you ever let it fall again. Build back your hard work into a flourishing, greener tree and keep it tall.

So you let the people see it again, they marvel at the rebuilt work of art and stand in awe of its presence. There is no point in being afraid of the bandages, they are what make your tree shine the most.

The haters will come back though, with their axes and fire, they'll come back. It doesn't matter how big or how green you made your tree book they will alwayscome back. But do you want to know what you do? You give them your pencils and watering can and go tell them to grow their own tree book. Because this is your tree book, and there is nothing that should tear it down.