Hey All,

I've been told that I have to take down this story from fiction press which I know is going to disappoint a lot of you. I've been told by the publishers that the book should come out sometime in 2020, but cannot give me an exact date yet. First they want to make sure the story succeeds on Galatea so basically the better is does on the app the faster it comes out in print. My hands are tied because I have signed a contract so as of tonight I will be taking down the story. I will still give updates here on fictionpress, but the chapters will no longer be available. I know it sucks and if I had a chance to do it again I would have done things a little different so I wasn't leaving anyone with a cliffhanger for such a long period of time. Hopefully you guys can be patient and forgiving with me. If anyone has questions feel free to comment and I will be sure to answer. Thank you for all the comments and pms and support you shown me and "Survival of the Rose."