Chapter 1

Right to Fight

Evolution, it was bound to happen sooner or later, but how could anyone have guessed it would happen in the later 21st century? Unlike what most thought though, it didn't happen instantaneously, but instead every few decades. These being had been given the name Eternals. Sure, they looked no different on the inside, but it's what went on the inside that set them apart. Unlike normal humans, Eternals never aged past their mid twenties, or at least most didn't. This was due to the strange substance that fused with their brains, hearts, and blood cells. When the time came, their bodies would stop any further growth, and keep every organ young and working for all eternity, but this wasn't the only different. Their bones proved to have a higher resistance than humans, meaning even if they were hit in the legs with a sledgehammer, all they'd get were a few bruises; although bleeding out and such were still a threat. This got governments of the world thinking. What if they could use these people to protect those who hadn't progressed? Yes, a whole army of them, that would give protection for those who remained normal. But they couldn't do it alone, and thus on July 1, 2098, Project Fusion came to be, and with it, a whole new world of buddy fights.

Date: August 25, 2215

Time: 12:34 P.M

Location: Federal Way Mall

For many, spending multiple weeks in search of liable students for the one and old Yugo Academy wasn't something they'd typically do, but with many graduates preparing for departure, it seemed only natural to seek out those who needed help, or wanted to help their fellow man. But tracking them down wasn't so easily done by sight alone. Because of the appearance, they could blend right in with a normal crowd, but that's where their tracker came in. With this, searching out roaming Eternals within the surrounding area. And that's exactly what Instructor Anthony Roberts and ace student Satura Helda were up and about for.

"Gah, you'd think by now we would have found at least one in this city, but nothing." Roberts groaned, before laying his head down on the table right outside a coffee shop.

They'd been searching for over seven hours, and still no Eternals were found. He's thought they had become more common in recent years, but apparently not.

"Relax, believe it or not normal babies are still born every day, and only 1-400 are of our kind. For all we know, this place could be completely void of any."

"Thanks for the reassurance. How do you keep so calm like this? Aren't you tired of looking?"

"Possibly, but our job isn't finished until we've rounded up a few. Besides, you don't want to report to the counsel that you failed in finding any do you?"

"No..." sighed Roberts.

How could he endure Such an annoyance? Not only was it is grey hair and bright purple eyes that made him stand out among the other students, but also great determination. Where others would falter, and give up, he kept on trucking ahead like a well oiled machine.

"Still, there's only a few weeks left before the first semester, and we've only found five in the past three weeks."

"Don't give up. When you do, you're only giving up on yourself." Satura replied, while pushing up his glasses.

"Then that's just what I'll do."

Though he remained confident, Satura couldn't help but feel he was kind of right. But, as his instructors had always told him, giving up was never an option, especially when an objective was just within his reach.

"Hm, perhaps a drink will lift his spirit."

But before jumping out his change, the Syncronizer attached to his right forearm began beeping.

"Huh? Krow, what's going on?" he asked, as a pair of red eyes appeared on the screen.

"Good news boss, there's one headed right your way."

"How can you tell?" he questioned.

"He's not alone."

"Can you pin point his location?"

"Yeah, the signal from his Syncronizer is coming from your left."

But when looking over to check things out, all he saw were dozens of other people. It was a small after all, but finding their target wouldn't be too hard, so long as his device was visible.

"Where are you?" he wondered, while looking at everyone's arms.

But to no avail, not one of them had one on them. Maybe he was farther down then he thought, while standing.

"Hm? What's up?" Roberts asked.

"We've got one, but there's far too many people to pick him out."


Things only got worse though when an explosion was heard coming from the nearby jewelry store. It didn't sound or look like a normal bomb, just a harmless smoke bomb, but that wasn't their biggest concern. From the white smoke came a masked man, one with a large bag of what they suspected were pieces of jewelry.

"Are you serious?"

"Relax, I'll take care of this." Satura told his partner, as the criminal headed right for them.

He prepared to take action, after rolling up the right sleeve of his sweater, when he noticed something off. Though many scattered, in an attempt to escape what they thought was a deadly explosion, one kid with blond hair continued on his path towards the food court, and their crook wasn't far behind.

"Hey kid, behind you!"he called out.

"Huh?" was all he could say, before they both collided.

But, it was too late. Both fell to the ground with a hard thud, as pieces of jewelry scattered all across the floor. This, of course, didn't please their little thief, as he tried gathering it all up.

"Hey, watch it kid! Huh?" he exclaimed, before noticing a cellphone in his hand.

"Yes, police? I've come across what looks like a jewel thief. Yeah? Federal Way Mall, second floor, to the left of Cransin's Jewels and Goods. You're very welcome."

"You trying to screw with me kid? Then I'll screw with you back." he growled, before wrapping an arm around the boy's head.

Seeing this, Satura ran to help, but stopped short when he saw the thief was brandishing a fire arm; a pistol by the look of it.

"Oh no, you little fucker stay right there. If any of you make a move, I'll blow this kid's brains all over the floor here." he threatened, before pressed it to his hostage's head.

"Damn. Krow, any ideas?" knowing even if he tried running at him, the bullets would only pose a problem.

Sure, Eternals had that extra bit of protection, but bullets could still do massive damage if they were fast enough. And this guy didn't look to stable to begin with.

"Hm, actually, let's let this play out for a bit longer."


"Take a look, does he look scared to you?" his partner pointed out.

He was right. Not even a bead of sweat ran down his face, while being held up at gun point. Any normal person would freak the hell out at such a situation, but he just stood there without a care in the world.

"Hey, would you mind loosening your grip a bit. I can smell your b.o." he asked of his capture.

"Shut it kid, or else."

"Or else what?"

"You heard."

"So why's your finger trembling?"


"I can hear stupid. It's trembling against the trigger. Which leads me to believe you're not as tough as you let on."

"Tsk, oh yeah? You want to try me?!"

"Actually, yes." he replied, before rolling of the left sleeve of his jacket.

And attached to it was a device both Satura and Rogers were all to familiar with.

"A Syncronizer? But how?" Rogers asked.

"I thought only students were allows to carry one." Satura followed up.

If he had one, then that meant they were about to witness a new fusion they'd never seen before.

"Heh, so you're one of those freaks huh? Yeah, I've seen you guys around. All you're doing is making our lives harder. So why don't I just take care of that." the thief threatened, before giving the barrel more force.

And yet, still no look a fear, as he reached for the device.

"Do-Doa!" was all that needed saying, before giving the screen a swipe.

In a flash a light, the bastard fell backwards, as fire and smoke swallowed up his only hope of escaping, but that was the least of his problems. From the outside, nothing could be seen, but flashes of light. Those with such devices weren't ones to screw around with; yet this guy decided to take one hostage. It wasn't exactly the brightest of moves.

"Gah, there's so much of it." said Roberts.

"Yeah, but what's inside?" his partner pondered, while watching the events unfold.

Being the top student at the academy, he'd faced nearly everyone in battle, and yet this kid intrigued him. How'd he get his hands on a Syncronizer, and how could he use it? Partners were bonded by blood, thus only the original owner could use it. Was it come kind of bootleg? He doubted it, since it reacted the same way any normal one would.

"It's coming." he thought, while watching the fire and smoke die down.

Indeed it was, but what would he see? As the flames disappeared and smoke dispersed, a new hero appeared on the scene. Covered in golden and orange dragonic armor, the boy found himself more determined than ever. It even shrunk down to fit his smaller form, while his hair grew from the back and past the helmet, as red scales covered parts of his face and hands.

"Grrr so what! You got all that fancy armor, but I've still got a gun!" the criminal exclaimed, before firing off five rounds.

He didn't move though, not one bit. Instead, he let his tail do the talking, as it swatted away each bullet like a measly fly, and thanks to the armor coating it, not a scratch formed.

"Now then, what's say we really heat things up." he suggested, before opening each hand up.

"No way, back off!" his foe exclaimed in fear, before firing another clip off.

But just like before, it did nothing to hurt their target. In a bright flash, blasts of fire erupted from both palms; not only melting the bullets into small puddles of liquid metal, but also causing his target to fall backwards on his but.

"You think you can come here and intimidate others like that? Pull out a gun and give me a good shot, bang it's done right? Well I'll tell you this you fucker. Don't screw with me." he growled, while walking up to the man.

"What, you, what's the hell?" he groaned, while looking up at his burning red eyes.

"That's the most sensible thing you've said." the young hero replied, before giving him a good kick in the tenders.

Apparently so good enough kick to the crotch was enough to knock out a six-foot seven moron; funny since he was a whole foot and four inches shorter.

"Whew, alright Doa, you did good." he said, as each piece of armor began detaching itself, as the scales and long hair disappeared.

While watching, both Satura and Roberts watched as an orange bipedal dragon took form inside each piece. Claws, a long tail, bright yellow eyes, orange scales, and two horns on each side of its head, it was a dragon alright, and a pretty mature one by the look of it.

"You're no so bad yourself. Huh? Uh kid, we've got company."


Just then, they both heard the sound of clapping coming from behind. When both turned though, they saw a boy with weird grey hair, and a long red scarf tied around his neck, clapping at them. For what reason? Was he in trouble, they both thought.

"Wonderful. You both managed to stop the criminal and secure the stolen goods. Very well done." he said, while walking up to them.

"Uh thanks I guess. It's nothing new though. Me and Doa here do this kind of stuff all the time. It's kind of become a hobby of sorts. Although, the police aren't so hot about it."

"I see. Would you two accompany us for lunch then?"

"Seriously? Free food?"

"Very much so, yes."

How could he resist? Free anything was always awesome in his eyes, and the guy didn't look all that bad. Plus, he had a man in a suit with him, so maybe he was someone important, he thought while ordering up what he wanted. Good things the cops showed up to haul their thief away shortly after, or else he'd been stuck waiting and not eating.

"Sheesh, for such a little guy, he can sure eat a lot." Roberts said, while watching their guest scarf down the burgers and fries.

"Focus. So, what's your name?" Satura asked.

"Ah, this is so much better than instant ramen." was all he could say, while slurping down the vanilla milkshake.

"Kid, not to sound rude, but he asked you a question." Roberts pointed out.

"Yeah-yeah, the name's Nate Tesla, and this here is my partner Do-Doa, but I just call him Doa." he replied, while patting his partner's chest.

"Doa huh? I take it you're from the northern mountains?" asked Roberts.

"Yeah I am. We dragons thrive on combat, and when a chance comes along for a more unique experience, we take it."

"Ah, so that's why you got scanned."

"Mhm, it wasn't all that great where we lived boring actually. So I decided to check out the human's culture."

"Impressive. I knew there were more cultured dragons around, but I'd never seen one in person. Where in the mountains did you find him?" asked Satura.

"Can't tell ya." Nate replied.

"Come on kid. There's no reason to hide it."

"No really, he can't tell you. He wasn't there when I got scanned."

"But you're his partner. How, wait a sec. You have a Syncronizer, how?"

"This thing? Well truth me told, it use to be my Uncle Clarks'. But before leaving, he handed it down to me. And that's pretty much the gist of it." he explained.

"But that still doesn't explain how you're able to use it."

After a bit of thinking though, it suddenly hit Satura.

"Not entirely. There is a way to remove the blood sample of a previous owner, but it's very complex and not easily done."

"That's my uncle for you. Always dabbling in technology."

"Tell me. When you first used it, did you feel something sharp enter your arm?"

"Yeah, why?"

"That explains it. He must have removed the chip that analyzes and stores the user's DNA."

"Hm...I suppose so."

While looking back and forth between the two though, Nate couldn't help but feel he was taking up their valuable time.

"Well, thanks for the grub, but we've gotta bolt." she said, as Doa returned to his digital home.

"Hold on. Before you go, please accept this." Satura asked of him, before pulling out an envelope.

"And this is?"

"An invitation. We want you to join us at Yugo Academy, an exclusive school for Eternities around the world."

"Something just for our kind eh?"

"Correct. Here you'll hone your skills, and learn new techniques to take down the filth that litters the land, whether it be beast and human."

"Sounds pretty sweet."

"Come on kid, just accept it already. We've got places to go and feet to burn out." Roberts demanded, while obviously being tired from the lack of rest.

"Hm, I'll think about it."

"Well, if you're interested, just contact the number inside. And with that we'll take our leave." Satura stated, before standing up.

"Alright, thanks for the food." replied Nate.

While riding the escalator down to the ground floor, Rogers couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy about inviting such a character.

"Are you sure he's fit for the academy? You saw how aggressive he got. What if he's a delinquent?" Rogers complained.

"You said you wanted more, and we've got one more."

"I know, but still. What if he doesn't even show up?"

"He'll show up."

"How do you know that?"

"Didn't you notice? Those were the eyes of a warrior."