Erica and Sarah ease themselves over the side of the large stone mansion rooftop. Their matching black leather bodysuits glint in the moonlight as they prepare to repel down to the second floor balcony.

Sarah pauses as a soft beeping sound from her wrist communicator fills the night air.

"Hey, turn that thing off! You don't want to give away our position do you?" Erica hisses with a scowl.

Sarah nods a little and whispers a message into the wrist device. "No, the chocolate cake is for tomorrow night. They can have popsicles if they've finished all their dinner." She looks over at the other woman and gives a little shrug. "It was the sitter," she whispers.

Erica rolls her eyes and gives a little nod.

Both women begin slowly descending the walls of the great stone dwelling. Sarah waves to get the other woman's attention and points to a heavily armed security guard walking around the far corner of the east wing. The women nod to each other and tap their utility belts. A soft buzzing sound is heard and both ladies fade into the darkness around them.

Adrienne looks up toward where the buzzing sound came from. His razor sharp eyes scan every shadow. Slowly, he raises a walky-talky to his lips. "Amber alert. I don't think we're alone. Is the package secure?"

A muffled response echoes in his ear piece and Adrienne nods. After a moment, he relaxes a little and continues on his way. He takes a mental count of his extra ammo clips as he walks.

"Ladies, are you in position?"

Erica and Sarah faze back into existence. Erica taps her ear piece and responds. "Almost. Give me 30 seconds," she whispers.

"Locate the package. Our window is closing," Shawn hisses into his communicator. He stands up in his assault jeep a hundred yards away and peers over the bushes in front of him. "I don't have to tell you that we won't get another shot at this!"

Sarah taps her ear piece. "Yeah, yeah, we know! Now pipe down! Erica and I will get the job done."

The women exchange a smile and continue down the side of the stone wall.

Erica taps the side of her eyepiece and the room behind the stone becomes a series of x-ray outlines.

"Movement," she whispers. "Looks like two on the couch."

"What? I want to see!" says Sarah with a grin as she taps the side of her eyepiece.

"Oh whatever, it looks PG to me," Erica says with a smirk.

Colleen and Jakob cuddle on the couch in front of a large fireplace. She wraps her arms around him and gives him a squeeze. He responds with a smile and gently strokes her hair.

"I hope we don't get interrupted," she murmurs. "I really needed this."

Jakob smiles again and gives her a little nod as he fingers the sidearm strapped to his leg. "I'm sure we're in for a nice quiet evening. I don't even think Red Team knows our location right now."

Colleen nuzzles his neck a little and whispers, "I hope you're right."

Erica and Sarah exchange looks. They both shake their heads a little and unholster their pulse guns.

"On three," Sarah whispers. Erica nods back. "One… two…"

Both women are suddenly bathed in light as a man shouts at them from the roof of the opposite wing. "Red team sighted! Protect the package!" he cries.

"Shawn! We're made! Repeat, we're made!" shouts Sarah as she begins firing at the man on the roof.

Ryan ducks and dodges several energy bolts as the two ladies hanging on the side of the wall open fire on him. "Blue team! On your toes!" he screams into his communicator. He ducks behind a large brick chimney and tosses his flashlight to the side. "Oh, you girls are going to get it!" he murmurs as he begins priming his bazooka.

"Did you hear something?" Colleen asks as she raises her head off of Jakob's shoulder.

He just smiles again. "All I can hear is the sound of my…"

He's cut off as Erica and Sarah burst through the second story window.

Colleen screams and dives to the floor. Jakob stands and goes for his weapon only to be knocked into the wall by an energy pulse from Erica's big gun.

"Go! I've got this covered!" she shouts to Sarah.

Sarah nods and begins sprinting down a darkened hallway.

Adrienne charges around the corner of the west wing and begins sprinting for the front door.

"They're going for the package! Cut them off! I'm almost ready!" shouts Ryan from the rooftop.

Adrienne nods and he bursts through the front door and begins sprinting up the staircase.

Erica leans out the broken second story window and fires several more shots at Ryan. She's interrupted by a stocking being slipped around her neck from behind.

Colleen attempts to choke Erica into unconsciousness. "You stupid Red team! Don't you understand how much I was looking forward to a quiet evening with my man!?"

Sarah dashes down several more corridors until she arrives in a large circular area. Her eyes grow wide as she sees the coveted package lying a top a single pillar in the middle of the room. "The package…" she whispers. Glancing around the large space, she carefully makes her way to the center. She reaches for the package.

A blur of movement catches her attention and she narrowly dodges a martial arts kick. Samantha hisses at the other woman and crouches in an attack stance, her long loose robes artistically coming to a rest on the floor around her. "You're not supposed to be here, Missy."

Adrienne runs back outside again. "Ryan! I'm lost again! Which wing is the package in?"

Ryan makes a face from his rooftop perch. "How many times do I have to tell you? Go up, then left, then left again, then right, down two flights, then right and then straight! Do I have to write it down for…"

He's cut off by the roar of an engine. Shawn bursts into the driveway in his attack jeep. "Light'm up!" he shouts to his gunner.

Cindi makes a maniacal cackling sound as she opens fire on both men.

Adrienne dives behind a large tree and returns fire as best he can. "Could use a little help down here!" he shouts.

"Almost… ready…!" Ryan shouts back, his rocket launcher struggling to warm up in the cold night air.

Erica runs up the wall in front of her and manages to break Colleen's strangle hold.

"Nice moves, hun," Colleen says with a smirk. "But no one gets away with interrupting date night!"

Erica receives a stinging boot to the chin and the world goes dark.

Sarah blocks Samantha's attacks as best she can, but the agile martial artist is quickly wearing her down.

"You are not worthy of the package!" Sam screams as she launches a cycle kick which sends Sarah crashing into the wall behind her.

Sarah is dazed, but manages to tap her ear piece. "Assistance needed, repeat, assistance needed. Bring in Big Breaker, repeat, bring in Big Breaker."

Sam screams again and lands a kick that disables the other woman's communicator. "I said you're not worthy!"

The bazooka finally makes a beeping sound and a wide smile crosses Ryan's face. "OK, I'm ready!" he shouts.

Shawn and Cindi are doing donuts on the front lawn and spraying everything will bullets. Cindi hasn't blinked in the last five minutes as she spits metal death up and down the sides of the mansion and accompanying landscaping.

Adrienne crouches in the fetal position behind a large stone statue. "Do it! Do it now!"

Ryan peeks over the top of the roof and locks onto the attack jeep below. "Bye-bye red team," he mutters as he pulls the trigger.

The rocket roars down from above on a collision course with the couple down below.

A blur of red streaks out of the sky and collides with the missile. The resulting explosion bursts all the windows in the mansion and sends the attack jeep tumbling end over end.

A moment later the dust clears and mighty Elson hovers in mid-air with his hands on his hips.

"Blue team!" he shouts, "give up the package. You cannot prevail against my power!"

A burst of blue energy rains down from the heavens and sends the mighty man into the dirt below.

"You don't know anything about power!" Sheila screams as she descends out of the night sky. "I'll show you power! For blue team!"

Jakob groans as he comes to. Colleen kneels over him and gently dabs his brow with a bit of cloth. "We can still catch the late show if you're up for it," she says sweetly.

Sarah takes another hit and staggers backward. Sam seems to be everywhere at once.

"You're not worthy!" she shouts again, the phrase echoing off the walls of the circular chamber.

"Worthy this!" Sarah growls and brings her fists together in front of her. The circuitry in her body suit shorts out and explodes in an electrical discharge.

Sam screams and falls to the floor motionless.

Everything hurts as Sarah reaches up and claims the prized package. "This had better be worth it," she mutters as she hurries out the door as quickly as she can.

Shawn reaches for Cindi and cradles her in his arms as best he can. She had taken a sharp blow to the head during the explosion and is now drooling on herself.

"Hang in there, baby. Hang in there. Big daddy needs his good little gunner, you hear me?"

"Awww you guys are so cute!" Adrienne shouts from his hiding place.

Sheila and Elson trade blows in the middle of the front lawn. Cosmic energy is released with every punch and the shock waves threaten to level the enter area.

"I have no wish to harm a lady – even one as capable as you!" Elson shouts as he blocks on of her mighty blows.

"Aw shut-up and fight!" Sheila roars back.

Sarah staggers out the front door and is knocked off her feet by the mighty battle happening in front of her. "I've got it! I've got it," she says in a weak voice and holds up the package as best she can.

"Nope. You don't got it," Ryan says with a sneer as he slides down the side of the wall and snatches the package from her hand.

"Noooo…" Sarah cries out and reaches after him.

"For red team!" Erica cries out and lands on top of Ryan from the second story balcony.

Ryan's hand springs open from the force of the impact and the package rolls free.

Elson's eyes open wide. "No! NO, the package can't be out in the open unclaimed like this! You fools, don't you see…"

He's cut off as Sheila super kicks him between the legs and sends him into orbit. "That's enough out of you!"

All eyes are on the package as it rests on the lawn. Without warning, it suddenly opens and…