The Femine- Chapter 12


As I had suggested the day before, we left for the hospital at daybreak. We made it there without a hitch; all there really is to say about that journey is that I so humbly carried Hemi for the rest the trip, trying to avoid walking to heavily and end up hurting her.

Hemi was getting CAT scanned and xrayed in the room next door, while Kookie and I had the first real food in over a week. Swifty and the girls were asleep in the living spaces downstairs. Freya was nowhere to be seen the incident last night, but we had made the decision to move on without her for Hemi's sake.

I was just about to dig into a triple meat and cheese layered sandwich when a scream exploded from the other room.

"What do you mean there's no baby!?"

Kookie looked at me with the most fear I've ever seen someone have, and ran into the other room, literally kicking the door down on the way, and I jogged in after her.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but was you can see in both tests, there is no other life form inside you. I wouldn't even think you were pregnant besides the other signs your body is showing. I wish I could offer an explanation, but I don't know. There is just no baby."

Hemi's face turned green and she passed back out and the nurse turned towards Kookie.

"Im sorry…" and she quickly ran around Kookie and out the door.

"Kookie-" I tried consoling her.

"No… just don't. Go rest…" she sulked over next to Hemi's bed and held her hand, and began to cry.

I turned and went to join Swifty in the living quarters.

When I had arrived, I found myself greeted with all the sisters in their pjs pounding into Swifty with their pillows. She seemed to be having a fun time, despite that the girls seemed to be literally trying to strangle her with the world's most dangerous weapon. Swifty was red in the face from laughing so hard, and as she managed to pull one of the sisters off her, another would simply take her place. I stood there at the door until Swifty must have noticed the gloom on my face, and all the girls noticed, and they turned toward me too.

"There- there's no baby." I struggled to say.

"What do you mean?" Swifty asked, blowing a lose feather from one of the pillows out of her face.

"That's what the nurse said. There is literally no baby."

Swifty stood up and walked over to me. "Go to bed girls, we can settle this tomorrow." And they followed her instructions.

Swifty grabbed my hand and pulled me out to the hallway.

"So the baby what? Teleported?"

"Dunno. Nobody knows."

Swifty stared at me for a few minutes, trying to think of what to ask next, when suddenly she tackled me and gave me a kiss.

"Wait wha-?"

She placed her finger to my mouth. "Ssssshhhh"

Hemi (Train Station):

The train time gave me plenty of time to think about what just happened. I thought I was supposed to go back to a time before I even existed. Did the time machine or whatever it was mess up? Will they even be able to get me back to my time if it broke? Or what if them sending me caused it to break and they are already working on fixing it in the future so when time comes to send me back to the time they get it right? Oh paradoxes.

After thinking like that for the entire train ride, I decided I would just work on finding the person I was supposed to, if I was even sent back to the right time. Shortly after I stepped off the bus, I was greeted by a person.

"Hemi right?" She shook my hand.

"Yes, who are you?"

"Name's Freya."