Peter Winger has suddenly realized that Jane's addiction to cocaine had made things worse for them in Boston and he has no choice but to have her placed in the Van Halen detox program.

He also has to make sure that no one including her twisted sister Vixen finds out about where she is or all hopes for Jane making a full recovery will be in vain.

And so, Peter called his best friend Cinderella Dokken and asked her to drive Jane to the detox center and make sure that she stays there.

But that was before Jane pulls this cheap trick of locking herself in her bedroom and giving both Vixen and their fellow junkie Michelle Bon Jovi a call on the phone to let them know that the Black Sabbath demons had placed Peter under their control and needs the Helix knights to come and rescue her from their Metallica masters.

However, we all know that the cult of Metallica is not real and Jane just wants to get a fix from any skid row slug who is willing to shoot some of that Saigon Kick into her system.

Thankfully, Cinderella and her boyfriend Steve Steelheart had kicked the door in and dragged Jane away from the scorpions who wish to poison her with any more of that garbage.