When the skies are concealed

By dark clouds full of hate.

The power of the man is annihilated by Nature.


It rose form the Ocean,

A sickening wind spread death

To the farthest land, to the narrowest hole.


Act I

Heaven is lost, hell is in sight.

Not yet the end of life

But it's endless torment


Monsters, forsaken creatures of the shadows,

Marching towards us. There's no place

To hide, no shelter to be found.


We ran to seek safety,

In a world where this word

Is prohibited to be thought.


Act II

Rage is silenced, when hunger is satisfied.

Paralysed by fear, held in between

Reality and the illusory images of our minds.


We wait for the dawn to break

When the greedy thirst for human blood

Will have driven them mad.


Crushed by our own Creator

We have become the victims of Nature.


My wounded soul, corrupted by your love,

Bleeds in the night, afraid of your death.


My strength vanishes, as fright

Takes possess of my heart. Not for me,

But for you my tears fall.



My friend, why have you left me?

Did you see the end coming forth?

Did you forget our promises?


Lonely, in the end, I shall wait

For my Fate to come to an end.


Cruel is the Destiny of those who

Are left alone, but even crueller

Is the one who forsake a friend.


Act IV

My cry is mute, for you are too distant to hear.

The sword has left the hand of the warrior,

It lies on the unmerciful ground.


My friend, I used to be alone.

Now I'm scared, scared

That someone I love could be lost.


If my end is nigh,

With this last sacrifice

I offer thee this gift of life.


Act V

When lost is the fight,

I yearn for a final sight

Of your eyes before dying.


It's the look of pure terror

On your face, which stops my heart.

And as you are again by my side,


I can only ask for your forgiveness,

For I haven't been able to protect you.



My friend, while I lastly hail

At your scared figure,

The wind shatters my lost ashes.

It's Apocalypse now!