Your admirers on the street

Got to hoot and stamp their feet!

In the heat from your campaign leaks.

You twinkle by your All-American sneakers.

And I thought my heart would break!

When you doubled up the stake.

With my fingers all a-shake.

I could never tell a winner from a snake!

But you always make money, easy money!

With your figure and your face!

Strutting out at every debate.

Throw a "fact" around the place.

Show the color of your blond hairdo.

We used to take the money home.

Sit around the family throne.

My old dog could chew his bone.

For four years, we could appease the Chief.

Easy Money

Guess I gotta truck with the la-di-da!

Keep my money in an old fruit jar.

See drive you out in a motor-car.

Getting fat on your lucky stars and

just making easy money!