Emily woke up as usual that morning, she was still wearing her training clothes and had scars on her skin. She was a bit shaken, those terrifying dreams every night couldn't let her sleep. She stretched up and without making any noise went out of her room, headed for the training room and started to warm up, then she did a little run around the room and practiced her habitual track. About one hour later she took a shower and then had breakfast, only milk with a bit of fruit. She was feeling strange that morning as if something wasn't right. She checked her to-do-list and then went out for a walk in the park. With music in her ears she could let her mind freely jump from one thought to another. She inevitably found herself thinking about the previous night and the horrible nightmare she had experienced. It had been more recurrent during that period and she had a feeling that it would become even worse with time. Trying to relax she took a deep breath, she wasn't going to be depressed by the fear of bad dreams, after all she was one of the elite fighter of her country, she needed to focus on her target and that was all.

In this world there were people born to be leaders, others would become soldiers or spies and other else physicians or scientists. Many others were simple people, who usually are thought not to be in any way related to war, but the truth was that everyone could feel it, the smell of the blood was everywhere in the air and no one was able to just ignore it. It was said that each country had its heroes and above all its elites. Those people were highly skilled in every field of martial arts, plus they were able to cope with every kind of situation. Emily was one of them, though years before she had realised that she had a stronger interest in studying science rather than fighting in the open field, that's why she was still at home. Not that so it could have been safer, scientists were the first targets of elite spies of enemies' countries, since they could create new weapons to be used in war. She needed to be prepared for anything and she could never let her guard down.

As she approached the little river in the park she stopped there, watching the water flow. She closed her eyes and felt the breeze on her skin, it was like inhaling pure life, she could feel the energy flowing into her body. Opening her eyes she stared at the empty sky and tears slowly came down. The hell with this sickening feeling. Strong as she was, after all that had happened from that day, she still wasn't able to keep her emotion constrained. She had trusted herself untouchable and unfeeling, yetshe couldn't help it, that sad feeling and the loneliness in her heart, it was just too much to bear. It was as if a narrow part of her mind was completely out of control, a living other will. But she would put an end to it, she was sure. Quickly she dried her tears with a hot gaze, and without one more glance at the place she left. She was a fast runner, but even faster were running her thoughts, why on earth did she feel so sick? She liked nature and there had been a time when tears would have filled her eyes for actually nothing, but that was a while ago. Still she was an elite now. She had always been an elite, but officially became one after the final exam. Feelings and sentimentalism had no place at all in her life, showing her true nature to the enemy and uncovering her weakness was a sure defeat. Thus she was obliged to avoid any kind of emotions, since those were sign of frail temper. Besides she had been taught not to pay much attention to any other aspect of life except from missions and duty. She was a fighter and war was all that mattered. In the past few years she had developed an obsessive addiction to power. Surely she wasn't born to rule over others, but power fascinated her, probably because it was close to freedom. That freedom she wouldn't never be able to accede to, even the less wealthy people could be freer than her. She was an elite and that was her bound, her duty, her life.

She stopped in front of a tall building and looked up, there was a window open on the seventh floor, she jumped upwards and quickly entered it. The people in the room didn't notice her while she passed through a stone door and went inside of a cold hall. There she waited for about a quarter of an hour before a hurried woman came to greet her 'I'm sorry… I did not know you were here Miss, they just told me…'.

'Cut it off, Elsa, it is not a problem. Since I have other things to do, shall we proceed?'.

'W-well…Of course'. The woman guided Emily into another room and then turned the light off.

A manly voice spoke form the darkest corner, 'At last you've come. As I expected'.

Emily looked around the room and then said, 'I suppose you know why I am here'.

'Of course I do. Then come near'.

'Why such precautions? Do you fear me?,' she had noticed a hole in the ground and several other traps in the room, didn't he know that for an elite that stuff was a joke? 'Well, since you ask, no I am not afraid of you. I just like it to be…darker'. Is he bluffing? He has not mentioned the traps, maybe he thinks I can't see them. She took a quick breath and then moved, fast as always. In three steps she had reached the man's position without activating even a single trap. 'You really have improved since your exam, very impressive for a girl like you'.

'I'm glad to hear that,' She coldly replied, though she felt a bit uneasy at being so close to that man. 'Then… are you sure about this? There won't be any coming back after I have finished. I must tell you that not anyone was able to maintain their reason after it. You know what that means… to be turned into a perfect deadly machine yet unable to feel anything, your only satisfaction comes from the war, from the death of the others. Possibly you could turn into a first rank assassin or even worse into a shadow. You should be aware of the fate of the shadows, aren't you?'.


'Exactly, are you such a desperate soul to seek my help?'

'I'm not desperate and I don't have a soul either, I just need it to stop interfering with my duties. That' s all. I'll consider it as a second exam, in order to gain more power and become a stronger elite I must take it. If I fail then I'll welcome the consequence: death'.

'If you are so firmly decided then let's make it. I need time to prepare, I will see you in three days. Be ready for Tuesday morning at midday'.

'I'm thankful, sir'.

'You are welcome'.

With that she started retiring but he stopped her, 'Should you reconsider, let me know and don't come. But if you do really come then bring with you that knife of yours, you know what I mean'.

Her heart had a jolt at this, but she seemed not accusing it. 'Yes,' she whispered.