After they had dined, a potato soup with meat inside it, they met in the centre of the camp. Emily quickly noticed that they were divided into different groups. First of all there were the veterans, the oldest one, they had a special mission to carry on, details were secret. They were leaving in the night. Then there were the youngest ones, the students. They were soldiers who needed experience and had been sent to a safer area, the leaving was expected five days later. Those who remained were mercenaries, medical staff, explorers and scientists. Plus there was a little group of elites involved in some kind of special spy mission. Emily wanted to see action and wondered about her role there. Luckily she had found out that her tent mates were likeable enough to spend a night together. Antlia especially was a true good hearted girl, she was one year older than Emily and was an elite, though she hadn't done the exam. She had graduated in medicine with the highest marks so she had been accepted as a special elite in the open field troops, where help was always needed. Emily really liked her, she thought she would turn out to be useful. As they were all reunited the captain started listing the name of those who were going on missions and Emily heard hers too. She was to go with the veterans. What kind of mission do they have to do? Why am I with the veterans instead of the elites? She was a bit confused. The captain continued his explanation. 'I have decided so according to the C.V. of you all. If any of you has any questions or dissents I'll receive them in my tent in half an hour. That's all'. They started retreating, Emily wanted to go to the tent of the captain but she had to wait for half an hour so she decided to investigate about her mission. She met with one of the veterans under a tree, 'Hi Roger, I heard that I'm on mission with you. What is it about?'. He took a look at his back and then answered 'You should ask the captain'. Emily sighed, 'I know that, but since I have to wait for half an hour I wanted to find out more information. That's all'.

'In this case I'll only tell you that we…are going to light up this place'. Emily wondered about this then said 'Ok, that seems fine. Thank you'. She went to the tent of the captain and waited there. Light up…that could mean we need to use explosive or likes, I wonder what we will be attacking. A city or a secret camp?

Alex appeared from behind her. 'So you are going with the veterans'. She turned 'It seems so. By the way, I have not heard your name, what are you here for?' He didn't answer immediately, instead he took time, 'It seems you'll have more fun than me'. Emily stared at him intensely, 'Why are you here, then?' her eyes were enquiring and their green colour had deepened. 'I listed only at the last minute and they had no time to place my name, so I guess I'll end up staying here with the children…I might be helpful to the captain though'.

She wasn't sure about his answer 'Really? A talented soldier like you?'

He shrugged his shoulders and went away. There is something about him I don't really get. While she was thinking about that, she heard her name called and rose her eyes. It was Freddy. 'So you are leaving'. It was a simple statement, yet full of tension. Emily felt that the boy was going to be a problem if left alone. 'I hope I won't be away for long. In the meanwhile you'll be doing your mission, you need to focus'. He seemed embarrassed, then said 'I didn't want to come, I just did it because they told me I was a coward'.

'You'd better stayed at home. This isn't a game you could die and…you could cause your mates' death if you aren't strong enough'.

'I know that…I'm just a bit nervous'.

'You shouldn't be, if you are nervous you can't focus. Keep calm and everything will be better'. She lowered her voice 'Listen I can understand how you feel, it was the same for me one year ago. But I'm still here, nothing dreadful will happen to you as long as you stick to your mission. The most important thing now is to remain lucid'.

'Thank you. I really admire you, you're so strong'.

'I'm not stronger than you, my little fellow'.

'Do you really think so?'

'I'm sure of it'.

He was on the point of crying of joy, 'Then I'll do my best,' he said smiling. She blinked her left eye, it was of a deep and warm hazel-green colour. The captain went out and announced 'You may enter'. Emily followed him in and then started 'Why am I with the veterans?'

'Don't you like them?'

'I am an elite'.

'That is exactly what they need you to support their mission. Besides they are very skilled. You'll not regret being with them'.

'Then would you tell me what this mission is about?'

'You are supposed to completely eliminate an enemy base around here. There are some hidden weapons in the forest, you'll find them and use them to attack. As you can easily imagine this is a long range attack. You have a strong sense of orientation. Also you are highly skilled in many fields, you are even capable to cure people if any of you gets hurt. And your physical skills are above the average. I think you are the most suited for this work'.

'Thank you Sir'. She waited a few seconds then asked, 'What about Alex? Isn't he good enough to come too?' The captain gave her a serious look. 'I need him here'.

That was a final answer which clearly stated that the subject was closed. 'I see'. She nodded and left the tent. It was already dark and her eyes changed again, her pupils dilated and the irises grew darker, like emerald green. She could see as good as if it had been midday. She met Roger and smiled, 'When are we going to leave?' He gave a quick glance at his watch, 'Now'. Emily ran to her tent collected her things and then went out. They left the camp in the most quiet way. They entered deep into the forest and looked for the weapons. One of them was carrying a map and trying to locate their position. The map was made of a special material able to analyse the surroundings and produce images of them, it could also be used to anticipate weather condition and climate changes. 'We are going to west, 30kms and we reach the first one'. They needed to move very fast, that's why they had took Emily with them. She was the fastest and arrived there in few minutes. Once she realized what kind of weapon she was going to use she smiled 'We are going to make them a little party, yeah,' said a voice near her, Roger too was fast he arrived only a quarter of an hour later. 'I have set everything, it is ready to use'. He smiled 'Well done'. Then one of the other soldier took position under a little hill and they left him there. They proceeded the same way with all the other six weapons. At last there were only Emily and Roger left. 'Emily I need you to do a thing for me'. She turned to him 'What is it?'

'This weapons can't be activated unless one of us runs into the enemy field and focus them on the target. This is because the enemy has got a special defence shield. So you are here to focus on them'.

'Should I enter the enemy field?'

'No. We have a better plan. You know about those machine which allows you to move objects and guide them were you want, no? Well you are going to use one of them. With your eyes and your motion control you'll easily direct our strike'.

'Good. It's a good idea. Where is that device?'

'Take it'. He gave her a little thing which at first sight appeared to be an old rag. She wore it on her head and connected with the machines. After climbing on a tree she was soon able to locate the enemy camp and directed the missiles there. They started the countdown. 5…she looked straight to the enemy field…4…the missiles started to exit from the depth of the hills…3…she could sense the power of the machines she was controlling…2…the missiles were almost ready…1…she bit her lips for the great distress…FIRE! Gone, the rockets had been sent to their target. Emily watched in front of her. They heard a loud noise, light spread all around. It was like it had been midday rather than midnight.