Peter leans back into the couch and stretches his neck a little. It wouldn't be long now. He could hear her finishing up in the bathroom. Those burritos from Taco Bell had kicked in a little earlier than they both thought they would. He probably shouldn't have pushed her to try the hot sauce; that only makes it worse.

The soft padding of bare feet on hardwood alerts him to her presence. He looks over and meets her eyes as she peaks around the corner of the hallway.

"Feeling better?" he asks.

She blushes a little and nods.

"Good," he says and flexes his pectorals. Snakelike tendrils of muscle slither under his tight black T-shirt.

Molly grips the corner of the hallway a little tighter and grins. She slowly walks toward him with a little smile on her lips and a little flirt in her eyes.

Peter tries to think about baseball as she draws closer and closer. Man alive this woman knew how to wear a pair of jeans.

She oozes onto the couch beside him and lays her head on his stomach.
"I had a great time tonight," she whispers.

"Me too, Moll," he quietly replies.

A loud gurgling sound from under his T-shirt interrupts the moment and this time its Peter's turn to turn a little red.

Molly sits up and wrinkles her nose. "So… Taco Bell, huh?"

Peter jumps to his feet and opens the patio door. "It's warm in here. I thought maybe some fresh air would be nice."

She bites her lip a little as his triceps jump up and down. A gust of cool evening air embraces her next and the hairs on her arms stands on end.

"I'm cold," she whimpers. Her lower lip protrudes ever so slightly. It might just be the most alluring thing he's ever seen. Blast it. Thinking of baseball wasn't working any longer.

He easily picks her up from the couch and sits with her in his beefy arms. He breathes softly through his nose into her ear. The sensation sends a shiver up her spine.

He gently rubs the top of his nose on her cheek. She clenches her teeth in a vain attempt to hold back her excitement.

Barely able to breath, she turns slightly to line up their eyes. He leans in a little. She moves to intercept his lips with her own. He closes his eyes and opens his mouth a little. She lets out a huge belch.

Humid, Americanized, sudo-Mexican flavour fills the air between their faces. Molly's eyes can't open any larger. Peter's brow knits a wee bit as the pungent odor assaults his senses.

"I'm… I'm so, so sorry…" she stutters.

Peter slowly nods, his eyes starting to sting a little as the hot sauce does its dirty deed.

A high pitched trombone is heard to play a short tune under the loving couple. Peter's eyes open a little wider as he glances over to the open balcony.

"Uh… maybe we should go stand out on the…"

He's cut off as Molly's stomach rudely interrupts. She gets a strange look on her face. A moment later, she leaps from his lap and darts back down the hallway.

Loud music starts playing as he hears the bathroom door slam shut.

"Ah the dating game," he murmurs as he violently waves his hand in front of his face. "How could I ever give this up?"