It was on a Saturday afternoon that a young man whose name happens to be Matthew Schwimmer had decided to take a short cut through the park in order to meet his friends at the new comic book store just before he spotted a woman sleeping on a park bench with a plastic cup next to that bench.

And after he picked up that plastic cup and took a sniff, Matthew noticed right away that there was beer inside that cup and that poor lady was so drunk off her ass that she was unable to make it out of the park and get her ass home before things had gotten worse.

That made Matthew look around to make sure that nobody was around before he scooped that female lush up into his arms and carried her straight to the local hospital.

And from what the local detective had told him, Matthew came to realize that while they were attending an outdoor rock concert, that poor woman found out that her own date was having sex with another woman in the back of a van.

That was why she got herself so drunk off her ass and fell asleep there.