The sky itself seemed to announce the ominous threat that now descended from the heavens. Dark clouds hung low on the horizon; lightning danced a merry jig as it rolled and frolicked through its haven.

The alien ship quietly made its way toward the observatory on the hill as the elements unsuccessfully pounded on its impenetrable exterior.

"They've found us," Mary whispered as she turned from the telescope. "How is he?"

Old man Humphrey looked up from the body in front of him and slowly shook his head. "He's near death. One more transformation, and it will be the end of him."

Little Jacob pulled at the old man's lab coat with tears in his eyes. "But he promised to always protect me."

Mary pulled the boy into an embrace and held him as he sobbed. "He did protect us. Many times in fact. But he's very tired now."

A loud humming sound filled the room as Jacob's sobs turned to screams. He buried his face in his guardian's blouse as she scooped him up and scurried down into the corner behind Humphrey.

The elderly healer instinctively covered the man lying in front of him as part of the roof collapsed. Jacob continued to scream.

A large figure materialized in the center of the small room, his alien armor emitted an otherworldly glow. He pointed at Humphrey and growled a distorted command.

The old man shook his head and stood his ground. A moment later, he was flung against the wall with a blaster hole in his chest.

"Doctor!" Mary shouted as she pressed Jacob into her bosom to hide his face.

The Alien seemed pleased with himself as he approached the frail figure lying on the gurney in front of him. He turned to Mary and pressed a button on his wrist guard. A blue light flickered to life on his headpiece and a digital voice cut through the chaos. "You are fallen. We are absolute."

With a viscous swipe, the gurney and its occupant were sent flying across the room. Heavily armored footsteps echoed through the room as they slowly approached the woman and small child.

A desperate voice was barely heard as it beseeched the universe for power one last time. The alien spun around in disbelief as the broken man on the floor exploded with energy.

Mary and Jacob crouched silently in the corner as they watched Brock's transformation. A few heartbeats later, earth's final mystic guardian stood and rushed the Alien commander.