The Project Chapter 235 Vengeance Is Mine

"I've see a few things in my life," said Captain Morse, "However what I just witnessed…well I'm at a loss for words.

"That was very moving Alex, I'm glad I came," said Kiggham. Then with a chuckle, he added,

"Oh she is going to be so jealous, heh, heh."

"She won't throw you in the dungeon or anything like that will she?" Asked Alex.

"Hard to say, oh, but I doubt it, I was merely representing all elves." Then turning to Captain Morse, he added.

"Captain Morse, Alex here tells me you come from Great Britain and that there is a history long past of our people in your country, might you know anything about it?"

"Some…a little, but your history lies in the murky past with that of the Celts and Druids. However I would most enjoy a chat about you and your people."

The captain then asked that they take a flight over England and then on to Europe. Scanning through the radio frequencies it was clear that there was a war going on in Europe. With the Captain's help they were able to scan military channels. It looked like London had been hit a number of times although not by nuclear weapons. Flying over greater London it was obvious the city had suffered terribly. The captain was clearly distressed finally asking Alex if they could try and find his wife and children.

"We lived in Chelmsford a little north of the city, however my wife's folks had a place on the coast in Cornwall near St. Ives. It's a long way but perhaps she's taken the children and gone there?

With the Captain's help, they headed back towards the western most point of England. Things weren't quite so bad out here although when they began to fly lower signs of destruction were everywhere.

"That looks like St. Ives down there," said the captain, "My in-laws place is south of town set back from the coast. Wait, hold-on, there it is!" Doing as they had done before and dropping to around five hundred feet, the captain began to call for his wife. Moments later, two children came out of the house and began pointing up at the ship. Then the captain exclaimed,

"There she is that's her, set this ship down."

With Alex, Jezang and Jake handling security the captain went to check on his family. Shortly he returned with news.

"My mother-in-law has the virus, and my wife thinks she might have it. Her father has apparently died of it. However the children don't seem to be showing any signs of it."

"Well put your mother-in-law, and your wife in one of the cabins and leave them in there until we get back to camp," said Alex. "Grab anything you think you might need, kid's clothes stuff for you and your wife, and let's get out of here."

Everyone gave the family a wide berth when they came on board dumping baggage in the cargo hold. The children were immediately taken back by Kiggham and Hinald, as well as Arna and Jezang but there was no tine to chitchat as they lifted off.

"I'd like to take one swing over northern Europe," said the captain, "And get a rough idea of what things look like." He sat next to Alex scanning through the frequencies on a special transmitter/receiver Garmik had fabricated to pick up low band, short wave and HAM frequencies. Suddenly he stopped, and held a hand up.

"Listen, what's this? It was apparently a small unit of British troops that were surrounded and about to be over-run. Morse then began to talk to a Colonel Walker who had to be convinced they were who they said they were. Finally, once he was convinced the captain was on the level he replied.

"I've got 14 people with me some from other armies and we're in a bit of a tight spot, about to be over-run." Then Jake got on the radio,

"Jake Parnell here former seal. Say Colonel I know this isn't really the time for deals but if you people are willing to come with us, and by that, I meant to the stars, we'll pull your asses out of the fire. We could sure have used the manpower, and quite frankly, there's nothing here anymore. Is it a deal?"

"Hold on, we'll get back to you." Jake then called Algre and asked him if he was able to land and take on passengers.

"How many?"

"Looks to be around fourteen or so."

"It's going to be tight but I think we can do it."

A couple minutes later, the colonel returned,

"Seems like you've got a deal Jake Parnell."

"All right, look Colonel, a large black ship will be landing at your location in a couple minutes. The captain's name is Algre Strocrail. He, along with his crew are Moriedian's, aliens, you won't be able to talk to them but I can, however I'm in another ship. For god's sake, put all your weapons on safe and don't shoot at them. Oh, and bring all your weapons, gear, and ammo, rations too if you have them. He's descending right now, stand by." They watched on the ship's scanner as the Moriedian Havoc fighter set down. Algre wasn't in cloaking mode so the troops could see him. While he was taking on the troops, Arna contacted Holliqua along with the Star Sails.

"Let's help him out, clear the field!"

Suddenly the surrounding battlefield was lit up by plasma cannons, automatic Plaser fire, literally turning enemy ground into a living hell. Tanks, artillery, troops, everything was being wiped out. They continued to work the area over until Algre alerted them that the troops were aboard and he was leaving. Once again, it was back over the polar region to Colorado.

Algre landed near the transport away from everybody else so if there were any sick they wouldn't run the risk of infecting people. Alex and Arna landed close by and while Jake helped the captain take his family over to the medical tent, Alex waited until Holliqua set down next to him. The rescued soldiers now coming off Algre's ship were a wretched looking lot. Alex pointed to the medical tent,

"Colonel Walker, get your people over to that medical tent so they can be checked out. Once you're done there, you are welcome to wash up in that lake. It's a little on the cold side, however. We've got hot food, and coffee for you and your men as well."

"Just for the record, where are we son?"

"You're in western Colorado, Colonel, replied Alex.

Half the colonel's men (and apparently) two women were wounded or were down with the virus. However, the med team had now developed a working vaccine and the number if infected was dropping. Early that evening, another command meeting was held. Don Falkner felt that they had picked up all the family members they were going to.

"We've even got a sizeable collection of livestock as you may have noticed penned up over on the west side next to the transport, or maybe I should call the "ark."

Then a much cleaned up Colonel Walker stepped forward.

"I should like to thank you people very much for doing what you did for us. I've just been talking to Jake Parnell and Lieutenant Morgan who have graciously extended to me as well as those who were with me an offer to join you chaps on this planet of yours…Endor I believe it is. We've been talking about it among ourselves and have decided to throw in with you. Looking around me at all the strange races, it's clear we have a lot to learn, but clearly, there is no future for us here anymore. Mr. Parnell assures me our skills are badly needed and the opportunities available to us will be limitless."

Then Jake stood up,

"Colonel Walker, on behalf of the Endor security force we welcome all of you. Some of us are former seals, Special Forces, Rangers, and marines, oh yeah I'm not forgetting you grunts either. We will be here another two days finishing up with the sick, then we will be departing. Tomorrow Don Falkner, Lieutenant Morgan, and Sergeant Kramer will be holding an orientation meeting where we will try and answer all your questions. Unfortunately, you probably won't be able to talk with our friends just yet until we get you some translators, in the meantime we'll do our best to interpret for you."

Afterwards, there was another meeting of all ship commanders in which Mr. Falkner stated.

"It would seem that our mission is pretty well over here, we've rescued all that we can, so I think it's time to head home unless anyone can think of anything else?"

Zargek then stood up.

"We've all been working very hard, and a lot of us agree that this is a rather nice area, perhaps one or two more centons would be just the thing before we begin the long journey back. Not only that, some of us need to check our ships, and refuel."

"Well hey, tomorrow will be Saturday," said Falkner, "It's the weekend why not?

So with the guild fighters and the star Sails taking turns guarding the sky, an idyllic last weekend was spent on earth. The elves got in some last minute hunting and fishing, the newcomers got plenty close encounters of the third kind, the med team wrapped things up and everybody basically just kicked back and relaxed.

Alex and Holliqua spent time taking a long walk as he talked about his home knowing this was probably the last time he would ever see it again. Later, he along with Holliqua, Wyatt, Palmer, Ilmi, and all their folks joined the elves for a cookout enjoying grilled venison. Kiggham was still trying to come to terms with what the Aine had told him, and Hinald was thanking him for all the incredible hunting he and his fellow elves had experienced.

On Sunday, he, Wyatt and Palmer sat down with their parents and tried to give them an idea of what their new home would be like and just generally thanking god they were all right.

The trip home would involve s few changes in what who was loading what and carrying who. The Karla-Ann would be carrying Alex, Arna, Jezang, and Captain Conrad. Along with them would be the elves, Roy VonDran, and Kiggham Stenuck. Zargek would be carrying the three Star Sails and their crews. Ronjac would be dropping off the three government people back at the lodge, and returning home with three guild fighters and their crews. Algre would carry all the recovered vehicles and military equipment, while the transport would carry Holliqua's gun ship, her and her crew, the remaining guild fighters and their crews, the med team, along with the security team and all of the families and refugees, as well as the livestock. However, as things generally work out, some of the livestock had to go in Algre's ship along with a couple of the refugees who owned the animals. Tom Stein and Dave Marcy also volunteered to act as interpreters.

Late Monday evening, the transport lifted off, while everyone else opted for late the following day. Ronjac asked Alex if he would accompany him back to the lodge as added back up.

"Sure, we'd be glad to, I was kind of thinking about taking one more pass over Durango anyway," replied Alex. The Karla-Ann was the last to lift off, leaving a beaten down area and wooden structures that anyone entering the area would wonder who had built them and why. Eventually they would all rot away returning the land to the way it was. While Ronjac was on the ground, Alex watched the scanner as three people were forcibly booted off his ship. Suddenly Arna alerted him.

"We've got three aircraft heading our way twenty-five quan's out, altitude, thirty-two zek's."

"Get out of there Ronjac, company's coming!"

"I see them, taking evasive action."

"Shields up," exclaimed Arna, "Cloaking mode activated."

"My shields are partially up but my cloaking device isn't working," exclaimed Ronjac, "Working on the problem now."

The fighters were now less than four miles away and Ronjac's cloaking device still wasn't working.

"Quickly Alex," exclaimed Arna, "Let me take over." Immediately he rolled out of his seat as she slid over putting the Karla-Ann on a 90-degree angle with two of the jets. Flipping the Karla-Ann on it-s port side, she unleashed a blast of fire from the forward cannons. Both aircraft were immediately vaporized as the third one began its run towards Ronjac's ship. Suddenly his ship began to fade just as the fighter released his rockets. At the same time, Arna caught the fighter as it was starting to pull up, the rockets exploded against Ronjac's shields as he continued to gain altitude.

"Are you all right?" Called Alex. Ronjac's voice chuckled,

"Just by a sharma's whisker. We're good Alex, meet you at the fort."

They took one last flight over Durango the sad and depressing sight burning into his brain, as they turned over Fort Lewis College something caught his eye. On one of the student parking lots someone had staked out a banner that crudely spelled out,

"Alex, please stop"

Quickly dropping down and landing, he along with Jezang, Roy and the elves quickly formed a perimeter around the ship. Moment's later, a young man and young woman who looked to be around his age came racing out of one of the buildings. They were soon followed by a group obviously hell bent on preventing them from escaping. Alex opened up with his AR, while Jezang cut loose with her RPD, together cutting the mob to pieces as the two raced up the ramp.

"Everyone aboard!" shouted as the elves quickly raced aboard as he and Jezang fired departing blasts at the few who were still left. Arna had already begun the lift-off and as the ram closed, the Karla-Ann was high above the college.

"All right who are you?" he demanded as soon as they were on a steady course out of earth's atmosphere.

"It's me Alex, Taylor Morse, don't you recognize me?" Studying her closer he now recognized her.

"Taylor, Sorry I didn't recognize you sorry but it's been a few years, who's this?"

"I'm Matt May, Taylor's boyfriend, we were attending Fort. Lewis when the world blew out. We kept trying to catch you when you were here before. We also saw you flying around town but there were too many gangs around to take a chance on trying to reach you. We were both desperately hoping you would come back, and you did."

"You two don't have the virus do you?" Demanded Alex.

"No, not that we know, we've been hiding out in one of the dorms until a few days ago. We've been dodging these gangs ever since."

"Well Taylor, there's a lot of class members on Endor; we've got a whole planet. Oh, by the way, Palmer is our Ambassador to Deneva, weren't you tow always hanging out together?" Taylor laughed, Palmer an Ambassador?"

"She's really grown up Taylor, Kelly Parkinson works in the Ruddorian foreign office,"


"I kid you not, she's good really found her calling," replied Alex. "Well you two try and make yourselves comfortable as best you can. Don't mind the elves, they won't bite, don't ever call Jezang or Arna robots and you just might live to see Endor, and no, we don't have any Ewoks."

"Are you telling me that there are real live elves on board Hobbit type elves?" Asked Taylor.

"One in the same, if you want to talk to them Roy VonDran the big guy will have to translate until we can get you two translators like the one I'm wearing. Oh by the way, you two have any families we need to rescue?"

"My parents were in Europe when all this started," sniffed Taylor, "The internet and the phones won't work so I don't know where they are. Guess I can't worry about it now.

"Well all I can tell you is that Europe is a damn mess right now, we were just over there. How 'bout you Matt?"

"My folks are divorced. Last I knew mom was living up in Grand Junction and my dad was down in Arizona someplace."

"Umm Alex do you have anything to eat?" Asked Taylor, "We've been living on peanut butter and crackers and ramen noodles the last week and…"

"Hey, no problem, let's check out the galley.

Hinald and Rhys Omalee were drinking coffee and playing some Elvin game of chance when they entered.

"Guys, I'd like you to meet Hinald Stenuck and Rhys Omalee. Hinald is kind of the head guy of the elves on Endor and his dad who's on board is the legendary bandit king of Deneva. Rhys is one of Hinald's top Lieutenant's. Hinald, Rhys, this is Taylor Morse and her boyfriend Matt May. I went to school with Taylor." Both greeted the two but of course they couldn't understand them.

"They both said "Hi." Like I said, if you want to talk to them see Roy, he's from earth, got abducted by aliens a long time ago, he'll tell you all about it." Alex then started to rifle through the food cabinets,

"Yeah here we go, Army MRE's this one's meatballs in marinara sauce, and this one's Chili Mac. Don't take any of the spicy Penne pasta, or beef stew as those are mine. Oh and we've got some kickin' venison jerky the elves made, in fact I'm gonna have a piece right now. Well I'm on duty in five so help yourselves, talk to you later."

Since Arna and Jezang were androids and didn't need to sleep, they usually found someplace to "reflect" as they called it. However, Arna admitted it was actually a form of rest.

"We only need to do it for short periods, but it gives our systems a chance to clear and recalibrate if necessary, and if there is a problem it allows us to make repairs internally."