I do take prompts!


Okay, so if you don't know, this is my introduction.

This is not an actual story. There is no deep plot line. The content in here are just essays that I wrote for school. You may or may not be able to totally understand what's going on, but that's okay. The primary reason for this, is to do something else with my essays. I mean, I took the time to WTP them. I might as well do more than just turn them in for a grade.

Also, that term I just used. WTP. It stands for Write. Type. Print. I will probably be using this term later, so this is just to let you know. And by the way, each "chapter" will be a different essay.

There is a secondary reason for this post. It's to get feedback. When I turn these in, all I get is a grade, some edits, and a couple comments. This post will probably not get any views, but I'll be glad this is out here. So please, comment anything you'd like.

Be warned though, a lot of these essays will be short- like how this intro is short. That's because I do them in the 45 minutes I have right before the class comes and I have to turn it in. So yes, I have been told many times that I write short pieces, but I still get them As. :)

Oh! just to let you know. There will always be an author's note in bold in the beginning and end of everything I write. I do it in every single thing I post. I never write an AN in the middle or anything. I find it unpleasant and it jolts you out of the actual piece. The AN's I write are always something extra. I will give information or comment on something in these ANs. Don't worry, they are never long.

I will, hopefully, put the essays in chronological order. However, sometimes I do not recall the date that I wrote them, but I'll do my best. Plus, I may be getting essays that I did before after I post one that was written on a later date. I hope you enjoy.

I do write actual stuff, i am currently working on two totally original pieces which I'm not posting and am hoping to get published. I have posted some originals on here and i have contributed fanfiction.