Untitled 2

Innocent comments

Malicious undertones.

Filled with intent?


Sitting here


For something known

But undefined.

A yearning

A craving

Deep in my belly

For more than just

Your words.

A hint,

A glimmer,

A taste of something fulfilling

Something satisfying


In the absence of your desires.

You have everything you need.

This flesh is convenient

Here for your amusement.

(And why not?)

This flesh is only flesh.

No feeling

No aching

No longing

For a loving touch

From somewhere

From anywhere.

No connections needed

To survive.

A plaything.

To be used at your whim

Melting in spite of itself.

(That is what it was made to do.)

To respond to a look

A whisper

A scent

In time

To serve your desires with

None of its own.

(Does it have any?)

This flesh waits

Is waiting to serve

Up your satisfaction.

Undeserving of its own.

Undeserving of more

Than your indifference.

May 22, 2015