Your hands around my throat are

just strong enough to make me.

I could never make myself stop breathing,

but you, you are just powerful enough to do it.

As much as I want to,

I won't make you stop.

I need to leave,

and you are the only portal I have.


Your hands around my throat are

just tense enough to show me your reason.

You need a way to take out your anger,

and I am the perfect target.



all of the things that you're not.

I'm the perfect victim for you to crush beneath your palms.


Your hands around my throat are

almost unfaltering.

Though you pride yourself in the capability to

take me away from the Earth,

I know that I'm strong enough to stop you,

if I wanted to.

If only I knew how,

then I could make you pay for what you've done to me.


Your hands around my throat are

practically through with me.

I'm almost gone enough to let you win,

but I'm still here enough to raise my hands,

tangle them around yours,

and push you off,

even when all I want to do is let you kill me.

If only I was suicidal enough to let you make me die.