Over the city loom clouds of grey.
The cool air kisses whomever wanders out of warm quarters with its frosty lips.
Flakes of ice gently rain over the skies onto the streets.
A sheet of white envelops the city of lights.

I become victim to the dry winter air.
See through the rain of white, I could not.
Hearing the song of the wind, and that alone.
Fear fills my being as my senses are robbed.
I fear that this white will be my last sight.
Winters embrace, it's...

My senses come back to me. The frigidness has been driven out of my being
"All will be well.", you say with warmness.
In an unfamiliar place, I find myself.
Yet, your voice give the illusion The illusion of familiarity.

I lose myself once more...

Winter, why must you take another unfortunate soul?
O, you whom was dragged near to the door of Hades
When your eyes open, you who sleeps,
Please tell me all that you behold.