January 29

Am I one of a minority who believes that in a near distant future, robots would not take over? Am I just naïve? There was a post, somewhere on the internet, that headlined "What if AIs became good?" in which the author talks about the tired trope of the evil sentient robot who, in their disgust for how humanity is either treating the world or lacks progression, decides to either wipe out humanity or enslave it. As far as action plot narratives go its become cliché but admittedly is a great way to bring forth a valiant hero or team to come and save the day, because what better way to unite man than a common enemy. And while I do see the value in it as a plot device, were there people who whole heartedly believed in such a scenario?

Forget the guns, glitzy action sequences and top billing movie stars, people fear technology? Never mind the complexities of a living brain and how science fantasy sentient AIs seem in that regard, assuming that it is possible, why would it ever occur to someone that robots would inevitably evolve into having the mind of a Rambo psychopath and not one that would work for the betterment of the future. Is it to compliment the idea of inhumanity? Yet the resulting to violence and immorality in order to achieve a greater goal seems to be a very human trait to me.

And it seems that people so often are ready to fear the robots, when most of the time the reason for their destruction and mayhem is because they were created to do such. Most of them were hardwired as destructive beings and therefore can only be destructive. They were hardwired by man to do the destruction of man. "What humanity fears the most is humanity its self." A quote from a show and a very true one at that.

That if AIs could somehow become aware enough to adopt the destructive nature of man, why is it that they could not also equally adopt an empathic nature? Though its unfair to say that no one has thought of such. There are people and movies who thought of such.

The Iron Giant, Big Hero Six, Wall-E, every Hayao Miyazaki movie I can think of, depicts and approaches sentient technology with empathy and emotion. And they were all targeted for an audience with children. Which is not a belittling statement, just an observation. I grew up being taught and seeing that inventions, the possibility of sentient inventions, of the future could do so much good, could be good, could live among us a humans. And I am certain that so many people were given a similar upbringing, and yet the very same people, as they grew older seem to suddenly believe that technology will become our enemy.

A favorite line from one of the films I listed above is, "I am a robot; I cannot be offended." Which was adorable and lovely and oh so very accurate. The robot in subject feels so real and so alive that we often forget that it is a non-living thing, that ultimately it cannot do more than what it was programmed to do (even if it was programmed to do a lot).

Perhaps that is why I love watching films like those listed above, much more than I do movies like The Matrix or The Terminator franchise. Because in films that seem to try and highlight the positives in humanity ultimately, for me, seem to lack any real humanity in them.

I have absolutely no clue where I was going with this. The beauty of introspective journals?