An: All of these prompts came from the same website after I typed in 365 Creative Writing Prompts into google.

This is a scene from a rough draft of a possible manuscript I am currently writing.

Creative Writing Prompt 1 - Outside the window

What's the weather outside your window doing right now? If that's not inspiring, what's the weather like somewhere you wish you could be?

Golden flecks of snow floated gracefully towards the ground; each transforming into a tiny puddle of molten liquid as they landed gently atop the Marble Cliffs. The sunlight remained hidden by the thick cluster of dark grey clouds, and the air felt dense and heavy.

Lexi had to admit that the scenery was beautiful, exceedingly deadly, yet beautiful nonetheless. She gazed at the snow in a manner resembling awe. Her heightened senses allowing her to see the glittering gleam of each tiny snowflake, and the way in which each altered shape the second they touched the ground.

She glanced behind her, Ray was curled up on the cave floor, fast asleep and shivering from the chill that seemed to resonate from the large, marble walls. They had been lucky to find a cave before the snow began to fall heavily. Thankfully, it seemed they would be able to travel again soon, as the snow was starting to recede. She tentatively reached out a hand from her stance at the edge of the cave, and watched with curiosity as the strange snow fell onto her open palm, melting and burning as it did so.

Not wanting to wake her companion, she did little more than grit her teeth as she pulled her now damaged hand back inside the safety of the cave. She brought the stinging, searing skin close to her nose and sniffed carefully, trying to figure out the contents of the bizarre substance. She had seen many unusual and peculiar things in her long, undead life, but never anything like this. The golden snow could melt away flesh as easily as if it were butter on a hot stove, and were it not for her vampiric abilities the blood in her hand would have boiled and only bone would remain. Already, her injury was healing; her naturally pale complexion returning as the burns began to fade.

She supposed the cause had to be some sort of acid, that was what had drawn her attention to the danger after all; the strong, powerful stench of sulphuric acid. Yet even so, no acid that she knew of rained from the sky in the form of drifting snow. Then again, she reasoned, they were in another realm. The logic that applied in their world probably did not apply here.

The sudden sound of rustling clothes drew her attention back to Ray. He was finally awake, and the acidic element outside had begun to fall in slow, steady wisps. By the time Ray had fed it would have passed and they could be on their way.



She resisted the urge to give a biting comment about how he had clearly woken up on the wrong side of the rocks. Instead, she merely replied; ''Eat. We can leave as soon as you've finished.''

She waited for some snappy remark or the start of an argument, but neither came. She guessed he must actually be hungry. She herself was starving, but, as appealing as the thought was, she could hardly allow herself to feast on her only ally. She needed him at his best. After all, if the weather was potentially lethal, then there was no telling what else in this realm could pose a threat, and they would need to act swiftly and proceed with caution.

She would just have to hope that they came across some sort of animal or creature that she could drain. She ground her teeth together upon thinking the word hope.

She hated that she was on this miserable journey, and if they didn't find the cause of her ability to feel again soon, she would quite possibly kill Ray out of spite.

She felt with her now healed hand for the object that resided in her jacket pocket. Two down, one to more to go.