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I couldn't think. My mind was on school the entire day. To think that it started in literally 5 days was nerve-wracking. I went shopping with my mom, which was a terrible idea, because she made me buy only the "finest" jeans and shirts. Which meant no graphic tees and swim trunks, my usual style. Just because I was a junior didn't mean that I had to change my looks!

Apparently my mom didn't think that way. The only thing I appreciated was the high-quality flannels. I could sell them to willing girls for 20, maybe 50 bucks. I layed on my bed and let out a groan. I really didn't want summer to be over. True, I did nothing but sit on my laptop and sleep in, but that was good enough for me. I had friends, but I thought of it exhausting for them to be over at my house expecting to do something. If I had a friend that appreciated doing nothing but being on their phones and blogging about random crap, they would be my soulmate.

No, wait. Not soulmate. Like, best friends. I'm not gay.

I looked at my outfit for the first day of school. A Legend of Zelda t-shirt from last year, along with khaki shorts (that my mom made me buy, I figured she wouldn't let me out the door if I didn't wear something she bought). Junior wasn't actually a big deal, not like Freshman or Senior, at least. You're not shit at everything or the best at everything. Well, I was in the "smart" math class, so I kinda was better at everything.. But I don't actually give a crap about school anyways.

For the rest of the summer (5 days!) I complained on Tumblr about how summer was ending and reblogged stuff about how beautiful summer was.

Obviously my followers knew how much I hated school starting.


Ugh, the first day of school. That feeling in your gut like you're excited and like you're guilty of a murder at the same time. I turned on my phone to stop the annoying chime of the alarm and looked outside the window. The sky was grey and had a low fog over it, it seemed like the Earth could sense my mood.

I pulled on the outfit and heard 80's songs blasting in the kitchen downstairs. My mom always made pancakes for the first day of school. I thought she would stop after 6th grade though. She must have gotten up at 5 AM just to get ready.

I looked at the mirror. I was nothing much. Although girls often told me how their hairdresser could never make my hair any prettier, I didn't think anything was special about it. It was a sandy blonde, but like the color of sand after digging down into the wet sand. That wet sand in the ground is my hair. Yup.

I brushed through it with one of my mom's old combs. She told me to keep it because her hair was too "thick" or whatever for it. I placed it down and slid on my Vans. Grabbing my old, torn backpack I headed downstairs.

"Hey Mom. Making pancakes again?" I said blandly. She responded with a nod and a flip of a pancake, causing a sizzling sound. I dumped my backpack on the floor next to the counter and sat at my usual chair. I glanced behind my mother at the clock. It was currently 6:58, which meant about 15 minutes until the bus came to my street. School started at 7:30 AM, and I had to spend fifteen minutes on the rowdy, out of control bus every morning. I usually walked home from school since it was about an hour back to my house from school in the afternoon.

"Alrighty! Here are your pancakes, mister!" My mom said with a happy ting to her voice, sliding a Mickey-shaped pancake towards me. I smiled at her and started to eat it. I didn't realize how hungry I was until I shoved the fork-full of fluffy, syrupy goodness into my mouth. I quickly finished it.

When I looked at the clock, it was 7:12, which meant I had 3 minutes to get to the bus stop. "Bye Mom!" I shouted, grabbing my backpack and heading out the door. She was in the living room now, watching the news. I heard a faint 'Bye!' back from her. I slowly closed the door behind me and started to walk up the street to my bus stop. A loud screeching noise of brakes was heard in the distance, so I knew that the bus was near.

The bus slammed on the brakes at just the right time to stop in front of my street. The senior here last year isn't in school anymore, probably sleeping right now. I hurried up to the metal steps of the bus and heard a scream come from the back of the bus and heard the bus driver yell at them. I usually sat in the middle, a little to the front of the bus where nobody else sat. The nerds sat in the front and the bad kids sat in the back. I was classified as a "loner" on the bus.

The bus stopped at the all familiar high school I attended. I hurried to get off this box of noise that called itself a bus. While I was in a hurry though, I tripped over someone. Smart move, I know. It could be a senior and I could get a face full of swear words.

I looked up to quickly apologize, but the words only halfway got out when I saw who was in front of me. It was a freshman, I could tell from the groomed appearance.

He's cute.

Okay, maybe it was the lack of sleep last night. Or I didn't have my head set in school mode yet. But why the fuck would I think something like that?

His sleek black hair was nicely combed, and when he looked up, his eyes were an amazing freshwater blue. When I realized I was staring, I looked away and pretended to make sure everything in my backpack was okay. Yeah, now he probably thinks all the juniors in this school are weirdos that look at freshmen like they're aliens.

"I'm so sorry! That was my fault!" I heard him squeak out, obviously not wanting trouble on the first day of school. Although scared, he had a pretty nice voice. (A/N yeahhh cuz dusti n wants a piece of that freshman ass in his b-)

I shook my head and got up. "No, it's fine. I should have been looking where I was." I quickly walked off to be avoided being seen with a freshman. I know that's cliche, but it's a big deal in our school. If you're older and seen with a freshmen, it's the equivalent of a policeman selling drugs. Working for the force, but also with the dealers.

I tried to focus on all the huge amounts of homework I got in that one day, but I couldn't get those magnificent blue eyes out of my head the entire day.

A/N the freshman is NOT haru from the free! anime oka y