Chapter One

Nazcer sees lines.

Nazcer likes seeing lines. The lines, in her opinion, are beautiful. Some are straight. Some are curvy. Some are both straight and curvy. When these lines meet they make shapes. Nazcer also sees these shapes. She likes the shapes even more. The shapes, like the lines that made them, are beautiful according to her. More beautiful, in fact, considering that beautiful lines are together to make a beautiful shape.

What kind of shapes? Usually the generic ones. Squares, triangles, that sort of thing. Sometimes they take the form of everyday things, like creatures. Flighters usually. Some other animals too, but it's usually different species of flighters. The bigger ones come up more often, but if there is something the lines can do brilliantly is an impression of a small humflighter. The long beak, the wings; the lines know how to make a humflighter. Humflighters are the wheelhouse for the lines, but one they need to work on is bugs. They are improving, however. They made the shape of a bug the day before. It was a pretty cool looking bug, she thought. The best they made so far. Nazcer's never disappointed with the lines.

Today, however, she doesn't get what shape see is seeing. It looks like a creature, but not one she recognises in the desert. It stands on two legs, like her, however its head is bigger and its eyes open much wider than she can ever open her own. It seems furless, which could be bad for it when the Skyfrogs go away for the day. Fur keeps you warm at night, any Tivolti knows that. Clearly, this creature is not Tivolti.

So if it's not Tivolti… what is it?

Whatever it is it's cool looking, she gives it that. Pretty loud too. The moment it appeared in her gaze a large roar suddenly came, along with a just as equally loud thud. This is something the lines, along with the shapes they made, just don't do. Ever. It could be a noise from the realm where Nazcer resides. If so, something happened. Something big happened.

"Naz? Naz?" She hears. Wurdi, her hunting partner, is calling her and tapping her shoulder. She wants her to wake up. This can be another indication that something big happened. This displeases Nazcer incredibly. She doesn't like it when things happen when she is on her split-break. Especially big things though they don't come very often.

Nazcer joins her brows together, leaving the mysterious creature as she joins Wurdi in the green sands they call home. She looks up to the Skyfrogs, noting mentally that they haven't moved much from when she splitted her brows. "What's wrong?" She asks, quickly returning her view to her hunting partner's face. A worried face. "Did the traps break?"

"Did the traps…? No!" She shakes her head. "You didn't hear that? Something... something just fell out of the sky!" She points her bow towards the Scar-cheek region. "It looks like it crashed by the nets by the border. We got to check it out!"

Nazcer feels quite groggy. The worst part of being a Two-brow Tivolti is the few seconds after a brow-split session. "You think the nets would have caught it?" she asks, shaking her head in an attempt to wake up just that little bit more.

"Nuh-huh. That thing was way too big and going way too fast." Wurdi replies, picking up her hunting partner's bow. "If those nets got in the way of it, then we need new nets. We need to make sure."

On this, Nazcer stands up from her position, nodding as she takes her belongings from her partner and lead the way. The flighter nets are something the two of them has set up a long while back. They are to trap any flighters running from the Scar-cheek hunting parties in their lands. Quite a lot of flighters get caught in the nets because of this. The Scar-cheek, being the disgruntled neighbours they usually are, don't like those nets very much. They believe that any tactic to get food that doesn't include stabbing an animal with a pointed stick is a dirty and cheap tactic, but they can't really complain because the nets are still in Two-Brow domain. They know they can't let them take them down and if they took them down themselves they will be breaching the agreement between them. Breaking such agreements brings the Two-brow, along with the Mask-eye and the Diamond-neck, to give those responsible a penalty that can possibly affect the whole tribe. No-one likes penalties, especially the Scar-cheek.

Now is not the time for these two huntresses to ponder tribal politics, however. Now is the time for these two huntresses to discover what is going on. They have nothing else to do, anyway. It is the offseason in the planes. All the creatures should be by the forests right now. They were here to catch any animal who didn't seem to get the memo from Shoe, the god of nature. It is rare when it happens, but it's always good to have one or two Tivolti there when it does. The two folks are Nazcer and Wurdi… but for the time being, it is time they leave their post for this sudden sight.

"What do you think it was?" Nazcer asks her friend.

"I honestly have no clue." Wungi sighs. "I think it maybe was..."

"Was what?" Nazcer asks, stopping to insist Wurdi finishes the sentence. Wurdi, as you may have guessed by the pause and way she woke up her friend in an alert she is uneasy at the moment. Uneasy is not the usual emotion of the Two-Brow, especially from the newlybonded Wurdi. Nazcer was the witness at her and her husband's bonding a few months before. A lot of Tivolti are nervous at their bonding. Not Wurdi. Wurdi was steady as a rock. She always is. Not right now however. This thing, whatever it is, has rattled her.

"Wurdi, what is it?"

She comes closer to Nazcer, to whisper something. Something that would change their world forever.

"Would you think I'm crazy if I said Skyfolk?"

"You think you saw Skyfolk?" Asks Nazcer. Reading in between the lines was never her strong suit, but even then she can deduce what her friend was getting at.

"Well, it's the only way I can describe what I saw!" was the reply. "Giant weird shiny thing hurtling from the sky towards the desert faster that a humflighter on fire. How can that be anything but Skyfolk?"

Nazcer doesn't answer the question. All Nazcer does is to look up at the sky with joy.

Skyfolk, as you may have gathered by their namesake, are not from the desert. In fact, Tivoltis have no idea where they come from. Or if they really exist. They just believe they do. There are a lot of bright lights in the sky at night. So many infact, that the common belief of a Tivolti is that they are on of these bright lights and the other lights around them are different worlds where they could discover someday. Or at least, have beings come to them from these worlds. Hence why they call them Skyfolk, for they are folks from the sky.

If there is anything Nazcer loves more than the lines and shapes of her hallucinations, it's Skyfolk. Or at least the talk of Skyfolk, since there wasn't much indication that they exist until now. No one in the desert has seen a skyfolk before, but that doesn't stop anyone to talk about them.

"Do you think they'll be different from us?" was one question she heard when she was a child. She can't remember who asked it. Possibly Wurdi, for they've been friends for practically all of their lives.

"I hope so." She remembers as her reply. "It would be kind of boring if they looked like us, right?"

"You think so, child?" asked… No wait, she remembers now. It wasn't a conversation with Wurdi. It was a conversation with Uncle Led. He used to come over to see her dad and her when her mom went hunting. A good carer was Uncle Led, with his whispery voice that calms even the most enthusiastic of children. He also seemed to treat them with respect. Some males forget to do that with children, even now. "But wouldn't them being from another world be interesting enough? Couldn't you talk to them for days on end about that?"

"But will we be able to communicate to each other, though?" Nazcer remembers Wurdi saying. She was into big words like 'communicate' back then. "They wouldn't know the same language as us, will they?"

Nazcer forgets the answer to that question, for she was too entranced by a thought she never thought of before. Or, at least, it didn't sink in until that point.

They could be from a world much different to ours. They may provide a glimpse to this world.

And this thought rings in her ears on this day. A glimpse to another world has arrived onto the desert. She is walking distance from a conversation with Skyfolk. No, make that running distance. There is only one thing to do in a situation where history is being made near you. It is to run.

And run they did. Nazcer to the Skyfolk, and Wurdi right after her yelling to her hunting partner to wait for her.