A/N: So after putting it off for a while, I finally got around to editing and working on revising my story from the NaNoWriMo challenge from last year! I won't give away any other details of the premise short of the description already posted for the story. But since this was my first ever NaNoWriMo story, keep in mind that it may get...weird, at times.

And before you ask, no. I was not taking drugs when I wrote this.

I was taking caffeine. And sodium.

She could hear them now. Pirates. Everywhere. All the dreaded beasts surrounding her, ready to take her back to their lair. The goat slowly opened her eyes and moaned as she was dragged by her feet. The pirates were talking, laughing and snarling amongst one another. The goat swore in her mind and felt cold, even though it was still summer and warm outside. She was naked. And now she understood why the pirates spared her, why she wasn't being tortured or questioned.

"I go first!" one pirate cried.

"No, no—you got the last one! I TAKE HER FIRST!"

The wolf carrying the goat's left leg grinned. "Let's both take her! It'll be more fun that way!"

The second wolf laughed. "Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah! Fun! Much fun that way!"

Shit, the goat thought. She had to get free now. The goat slowly moved her head and looked around; there were bodies everywhere, courtesy of the pirates' captain. All their weapons were still lying about too—guns and swords, even a flamethrower still strapped to one weasel's back. The goat reached over and tried to snatch one weapon, and then froze and shut her eyes after one of the wolves turned around. The wolf snorted and looked forward again, giving the goat time to open her eyes and reach for a handgun buried in the grass. She snatched it up, pointed it at the wolf on her left, and shouted as she fired. The gunshot rang through the air, and a fine mist of blood sprayed all over the wolf's partner. The other beast shouted.

"HEY! What the fu—"

The goat shouted as she shot the other wolf four times. He fell, and immediately afterwards, the goat got to her feet.

"Fuck. Lyle and these fuckers—can't believe they sabotaged…fuck!"

The goat rushed over to one of the dead pirates and tore all the clothes off his body. She swore again as she messily put on a black vest and tattered camouflage shorts that were too big for her and reeked of urine. Then she crouched down and retrieved all the weapons: another handgun, a submachine gun, some knives, a sword, and even a grenade. The goat stood back up and panted as she rubbed the blood off her forehead and felt around the laceration on her cheek. She started to walk around the jungle again, only to glance around at all the bloody, mangled bodies spread around the soil. The goat frowned when she saw a bifurcated weasel resting near a hut, and nearly retched after coming across some burnt bodies still residing in a jeep that a pirate destroyed.

"Jesus…can't believe they went this far now…"

The goat walked over to one of the ravaged bodies and heard static coming from one of the radios on the ground. She blinked and sprinted towards it, shortly before she bent over and snatched it off the ground.

"Sh…pin…walls, Lyle's got…"

She recognized the voice. The goat started to change the frequencies on the radio before she found the proper channel and heard the voice clearly.

"We're pinned down! Where the fuck are you, Shin?! We're getting mowed down here—we need backup NOW!"


The voice on the other end of the radio paused. "Tutley?"

The goat huffed. "Jesus, you're still alive. Where are you? What's going on?!"

"Lyle's killin' everybody; that's what the fuck's going on! We're gonna die over here at this rate! Where's Shin?!"

"He's dead. Mack and his team are dead too; the whole fuckin' island's been purged as far as I know!"

"How're you still—"

Tutley took the radio from her ear after hearing four gunshots, followed by someone screaming. Charlie grunted. "Never mind! Just get over here as soon as possible—we're at the radio tower up on the hill; Lyle's got us cornered!"

Tutley closed her eyes and sighed heavily. She shook her head, wondering if trying to save Charlie and his friends was even worth it at this point.

"I'll be there shortly," she lied.

"Hurry up!"

Tutley lowered the radio and shut it off. She looked around the jungle after hearing all the insects and birds around her and huffed harshly. The quickest way to get to the tower was by car or jeep, and the only one she found had been destroyed. The goat looked to her left at the steep hill she could climb, where she'd end up running into Lyle, Charlie, and all the other creatures. And to her right was the way to the beach. More than likely, there were boats there, helicopters. She could take one and fly or sail her way back home, forget all about this island, about the weapon, about trying to kill Lyle and his pirates. She could go back home and finally be free of the wolves and all their nasty, sadistic ways. All she had to do was run right.

She turned and ran left.

Charlie limped as he tried to move through the corridor. The weasel panted and huffed multiple times, still bleeding from his head and abdomen. He turned around after hearing three gunshots before he looked at the remainder of his team.

"C'mon…we…we gotta go. Lyle's gonna…"

Charlie shut his eyes and huffed. He could barely carry his handgun at this point. The two lions standing inside the building were just as wounded as Charlie was and could hardly move.

"It's…it's too late."

"NO! We-we can't! He can't get ahold of the weapon! If he reaches the weapon, the city's fucked! Don't you understand that?!"

"Self-destruct…it-it has—"

"I know!" said Charlie as he resumed limping. "We-we go downstairs, activate the self-destruct sequence! Take out the whole fuckin' island!"

"What!" shouted one of the lions. "But-wh—what if we don't reach the boats in time?!"

"We're better off dying alongside of it then having that maniac unleash it all onto the world! We…we get the fuck downstairs, and then—"

Charlie shouted when another shot rang out. A dog standing in one of the adjacent corridors was blown backwards. He collapsed to the floor, his abdomen ravaged by a shotgun blast.


Charlie and the other two lions whipped out their weapons and started to shoot at the end of the corridor. The weasel gestured for the felines to head for the elevator. They started to run backwards, passing the various pipes and doors inside the building. All they had to do was reach the elevator and it would all be fine. One of the lions shouted as he fell down, having been shot four times. Charlie swore and hid behind one of the walls as more bullets rained down on him and the other lion. The second lion ran out of ammo and swore as he started to reload. One of the wolves casually walked down the corridor and fired five times. Charlie swore again as his ally fell. There was no point now; he had to make a run for it. The weasel sprinted for the button beside the elevator. And then he screamed as he felt a sharp pain in his back. Charlie started to slow down as he dropped his handgun.


The weasel huffed twice as he dragged his footpaws across the floor. He couldn't go any further. Charlie groaned and collapsed. He slowly turned around and sat down against the wall. Then the weasel turned to his left and saw them all. Dozens of pirates in ratty clothing, all wielding swords or carrying large assault rifles. And at the center of the pack of wolves was a very large, dark brown beast with massive muscles and yellow eyes. He grinned as he looked at Charlie and started to step towards him, his thick footpaws pounding on the floor as he moved.

"Charlie-boy," he stated in a grim voice, "almost made it didn't you?"

Charlie panted slowly as he felt blood running down his back. "F-fuck…"

"Mm, no, I already forced myself onto a lot of your coworkers, but thanks for the offer!"

Charlie closed his eyes and shook his head. "Just…get on with it, Lyle…"

Lyle stood in front of the weasel and crouched down, breathing heavily. "Nah, this is more…amusing instead."

Charlie scowled. "A…amusing? You…you think it's funny…torturing your victims by getting…in their face, makin' 'em smell your stinky breath?"

Lyle shrugged. "What? Don't all pirates do that?"

Some of the other wolves agreed with Lyle, at which point the dark brown wolf laughed. The weasel shut his eyes and took a long breath.

"You…you won't get it. You really think…think that...you'll get to it? She'll stop…stop all of you—"

"Yes, yes, I know. The hero or heroine will stop the bad guy, blah, blah, blah. You done now?"

Charlie moaned softly. "She'll stop…all—"

Lyle took out his handgun and shot the weasel in the forehead. The wolf huffed and shook his head. "Guard the perimeter. Won't be long now before this 'almighty heroine' comes along and tries to stop us."

The brown wolf gestured for some of his pirates to follow him to the elevator. He pushed one of the buttons on the panel beside the doors and called the elevator. As soon as the doors opened, he stepped inside with his soldiers, and proceeded to use it to head down.

"Charlie! Damn it, pick up—"

Tutley lowered the radio and shook her head. She panted heavily twice and held the assault rifle she stole firmly. She was at the radio tower now, standing beside the compound that had been invaded by the pirates. The goat looked at all the bullet holes in the walls and the shattered window and shook her head. From the looks of it, she was on her own. Tutley sighed heavily as she stepped towards the front door and pointed her assault rifle at the door. She waited for a moment and listened, noticing the few wolves that were whispering on the other side of the barrier. Tutley gritted her teeth and held the gun firmly before she cocked it and fired erratically. She couldn't hear the pirates screaming, but she knew that they were all dead or lying on the floor bleeding out from their wounds. Tutley shot at the door and wall until she heard the gun click three times. The goat swore and tossed the assault rifle to the ground. Immediately afterwards, a wolf opened up the door and aimed a handgun at her face.


Tutley dove to the right as the wolf fired. The goat panted as she grabbed her secondary gun and shot at the pirate's legs. He groaned and fell onto his stomach, where the goat managed to shoot him in the face twice. Tutley stood up and sprinted into the building, grabbing the deceased wolf's gun as she ran. She turned to her right and shouted when two other wolves started to shoot at her. Tutley crouched down for a moment and waited for the gunfire to cease. Then she slid out into the open, firing at both pirates with the two handguns she acquired. The goat breathed heavily as she got back to her feet and started to run down the hallway without any sort of planning or train of thought whatsoever. One of the pirates shouted and sprinted out of one of the rooms, only for Tutley to grab him and stab him in the stomach with a knife she stole. The wolf gurgled as Tutley shoved him forward and crouched, using his body as cover. More wolves heard the commotion and started to enter the hallway, either shooting or taking out their swords and axes.

"LYLE! Get the fuck—"

Tutley shoved the wolf's body to the floor and shouted as she tossed her knife at another pirate's head. The goat ducked and removed her sword just as two more wolves appeared and started to fire at her. Panting and moving as fast as lightning, the goat moved her sword to and fro, reflecting the bullets with little difficulty. As she reflected, the goat stomped towards the two beasts until they were both out of ammunition. By the time they were, she was close enough to slice both of the wolves in half with the sword. The goat winced after she killed the two pirates and looked down. She was bleeding from abdomen, no doubt from a stray bullet she caught from the pirates earlier. The goat picked up another handgun from the floor and started to run forward, only to freeze when she recognized a weasel sitting on the floor.


Tutley walked over to the weasel's corpse and stared at the body for a moment. The goat took a few short breaths as she crouched down and planted a hand on the weasel's body. She thought about saying something, or even getting angry at the way he was coldly executed. But all she felt at this point was sorrow. Charlie and all the other inhabitants of the island, all the people she had worked with and were her friends, had all been slaughtered by a sadistic beast. Tutley stood up and turned away as she headed for the elevator.

"I'm sorry," she murmured to herself.

Tutley stood in front of the elevator's door and pressed the switch on the panel. She waited impatiently for the elevator to arrive and pointed her submachine gun at the double doors. The second the elevator arrived, the doors opened with a loud ding. She unloaded her submachine gun onto the three furry beasts inside, drilling them all full of holes before any of them could react. Tutley stared at the bodies for a moment, waiting to see if any of them would move. Confident that the wolves were dead, Tutley entered the elevator, pushed the button for the basement floor, and waited. The goat leaned against the wall for a moment and exhaled with relief. The adrenaline was beginning to wear off. Her hands were shaking, and her sides were starting to hurt more. Was she shot once or twice? She didn't know anymore. And at this point, she wasn't sure if she cared. She didn't see Lyle amongst the corpses in the building; he was still alive, and more than likely on his way to unleash the weapon. She only had one chance now. She had to stop him before it was too late.

The elevator reached the basement level and dinged once again. As the doors opened, Tutley aimed her gun forward, panting and sweating, trying to find Lyle's presence somewhere. She caught his scent and saw a few strands of brown fur on the floor, but the captain was nowhere in sight. She stepped out the elevator onto the main floor, where she had a view of the secured metal door in front of her. The goat limped towards the door, leaving a small trail of blood as she moved along the floor, and reached the keypad. The goat inputted a code, only for the keypad to reject it.

"C'mon, c'mon! I don't have time!"

Tutley entered the code again and heard an inviting ding. The goat sighed as she flicked her eyes around at the doors down the corridor to her right. It didn't matter. Once she inputted the self-destruct codes, it'd all be over. Tutley waited for the doors to slowly rumble as they opened up. Behind the doors was a vast atrium large enough to house a small ship. But there wasn't a ship within the area. In the center of a series of catwalks and railings was a raised platform. And on that platform was a gray and white beast covered in metal and scales. Tutley exhaled as she walked forward on the metal platform. She had never seen a real dragon before; she didn't know if they truly existed. But she did believe in cyborgs, and knew they had the technology to create a beast similar to a dragon. Tutley approached the gargantuan dormant beast that was large enough to swallow a school bus whole and winced. She was bleeding more now; without any medical treatment, she'd surely perish. But the goat knew her job. Her wounds weren't important. Killing this dragon was. Tutley gritted her teeth as she approached the terminal. This all had to end. Now.

Tutley heard three shots and stumbled. She thought she tripped over her own feet, but when she looked down, she noticed that much more blood was running down her chest and stomach. The goat whimpered as she looked over her shoulder, and spotted Lyle standing on the same platform holding a handgun. All the goat could do was fall and drop her weapon. She landed hard and started to whimper and cough as the warm blood started to flow from her body. The goat gritted her teeth and tried to drag herself across the platform. She only managed to move one inch before her body shut down and Tutley stopped moving. She blinked twice as she heard footsteps behind her. Lyle's scent started to fill her nose again, almost to a point where it was nauseating. The brown wolf casually walked in front of her and twirled his handgun. He looked over his shoulder and grinned at her, moments before he leaned against the railing of the platform.

"Wake it up," Lyle barked.

More creatures walked past Tutley. The scent of a tortoise and a raccoon filled her lungs now; both of them were dressed different, clad in military gear and even combat boots and vests. Another wolf walked past her, intentionally stepping on her back just to make her groan and feel more pain. The goat panted a few times as the second wolf laughed at her wickedly. The last creature was a shirtless heavyset white ram whose belly hung over the waistband of his shorts. The ram looked down at the goat and snorted at her while Lyle continued to stare.

"How long will it take, Marcus?"

"Don't rush me," the tortoise squeaked. "You want the dragon awake, I'll wake him up."

"Just get it done, Marcus."

Lyle brandished his handgun near Tutley, curious to see what she planned on doing. The goat started to drag her body along the metal floor again, only moving half an inch this time. Lyle chuckled softly and grinned, moments before he crouched down. He tossed his handgun on the floor, only inches away from the goat's body. Tutley stared at him. The brown wolf gestured towards the pistol.

"Go on then."

Tutley couldn't die. Not here, not like this. All she needed were two bullets: one to end Lyle's life, and one to take out the turtle before he finished activating the weapon. The goat groaned with much effort as she dragged herself forward a few more inches, just far enough to get to the gun. She whimpered and stretched her arm forward; she grazed the butt of the gun with the tips of her fingers. It was right there, so close to her reach. Lyle walked up to the goat and wagged his tail. Then he moved his footpaw forward, stepped on the gun, and then scooted it backwards so it was out of the goat's reach again. He looked down at Tutley again with the same shit-eating grin while Tutley looked as if she wanted to shout profanity at him. But she ignored his grin and kept moving until she was at the gun again. This time she grabbed it before Lyle managed to move it away.

"Ooh, good job! You finally reached it! Now then,"

Lyle removed his hatchet and chopped off Tutley's hand with one hard strike. The goat shouted in pain as her hand was severed, the fingers still clutching the gun. Tutley whimpered as her eyes watered whilst Lyle sighed in a bored tone and scratched his back.

"Anytime now, Marcus," he growled.

"Shut yer mouth! I'm almost there!"

Lyle nonchalantly sat down on Tutley's back, making the goat grunt. She sobbed twice and started to shake, going into shock. The wolf leaned forward, pried the fingers from the pistol, and carried it in his own paw. Then he pressed the barrel of the gun on the back of the goat's skull and chuckled.

"Last words?"

Tutley opened her watery eyes and huffed twice. "…Fuck you. You…you won't get—"

Lyle squeezed the trigger, silencing Tutley permanently as he sent a bullet into her brain. The other four pirates in the atrium glanced at Lyle, who now had blood all over his face. The brown wolf licked his lips and stood up while Marcus turned around and resumed his work.

"Almost…there! It should be live now!"

The five pirates kept their distance after hearing two whirs. The metal dragon's eyes shot open instantly, revealing two glowing red eyes. The dragon snorted twice, its snout flaring like a common animal's nose would. Lyle wagged his tail furiously as the metal beast woke up and started to stretch its wings.

"Holy fuck," the ram muttered.

"It worked…the son of a bitch is up!" the raccoon shouted.

Lyle stomped over to the metal creature, ignoring the tortoise as he tried to stop him.

"Whoa, whoa, hold up, Captain! We don't know—"

"Get outta my way," he snarled, shoving Marcus away.

Lyle walked onto the circular platform the dragon was resting on. The second Lyle got close, the dragon stood on all four legs, jerked its head at the wolf, and snapped at him. Lyle instinctively backed away and chuckled.

"Ohhhhh, lookit! Feisty li'l fella, ain't he?!"

"Captain, maybe we should try to figure out how this thing works before—"

"It breathes fire. It eats people. All I need to know," Lyle said.

Lyle crept towards the dragon more slowly this time around. The dragon kept snorting and observing the brown wolf cautiously, ready to bite the beast in half if need be. But when the wolf got onto the platform this time around, the dragon started to nudge the pirate with its snout. Lyle flared his nostrils as he stared at the reptile's red eyes.

"That's it…yeah, just stay calm…stay calm. Marcus, can it understand me?"

"It hasn't killed you yet. I'm assuming it's either playing nice or toying with you."

"Hmm…we'll assume the former."

Lyle reached forward and planted a paw on the dragon's muzzle. It growled in a low, mechanical voice at him before the canine chuckled and moved his paw around the beast's head. He steadily walked towards the beast's hide and examined his thick, metallic gray and white scales. Then the brown wolf started to put his arms on the creature's bulky body.

"That's it…now hold still…"

Lyle grunted as he hopped off the platform and clambered up the dragon's body. Then the wolf sat down on the beast's back, looking like he was riding a horse. Lyle shouted and gripped the dragon's scales firmly when the dragon bellowed and started to shake its head as if it was trying to get a fly off its back. The dragon flapped its wings and opened its mouth. It arched its neck upwards and roared, unleashing a giant stream of hot flames from its metallic mouth. Marcus and the other three pirates ducked as the atrium was filled with the searing heat. Lyle laughed joyously as the dragon started to spread its vast wings.

"I think it likes me guys!"

Lyle looked up at the glass canopy and grinned. "Take us up, Marcus! This dragon's been cooped up in here long enough; it needs some fresh air!"

The other wolf stared at the captain and flared her nostrils. "But, Captain, now that we have the weapon, where do we go?"

"To Diamond City! We'll show those fuckers over there that we pirates should rule the world, not those silly landlubbers bound by their politics and 'rules' and 'regulations.' Get all the crews ready! We strike now!"

"Yes, Captain!" the four lackeys shouted.

Marcus activated a switch that raised the platform and opened up the atrium's canopy leading out to the sunny, bright world. Lyle couldn't stop laughing to himself as the dragon roared again and blew out more fire, longing to cause destruction. It wouldn't be long now…