(It's little cheesy but nice)

Creak, crack the trees went

As the wind blew harder and faster

A shadow manifests in front of me

It began as a formless blob

Soon however it took the form

Of a great beast

The beast grinned

I felt my blood freeze

And my heart stopped

"You're mine!" It whispered

So seductively

I felt faint

Suddenly I felt a pressure on my shoulder

A hand was there and a man stood there

With nails in his hands and feet

"No" the man said

His voice filled with authority

And love

I felt an unimaginable love

Pour forth from him

And I new immediately who he was

It was Jesus

"My God!" I exclaimed

Falling onto my knees

He smiled at me gently

He kissed my forehead like a father

Would for His child

I awoke with a start

In my bedroom

at home

Not knowing what to do

I got on my knees

And prayed

Knowing that He saves