A professional actor of 38 won an academy award six years in a row for best performance in the top movies of the decade. He was known to be very charismatic in all of his roles, and always gave each his all.

On the night of his induction into the Screen Actors guild award, the actor was treated with a special nomination and in-depth interview as to his acting career. The goal? To of course, uncover the secret to his success.

The famed actor finds himself seated with the Screen Actor's Guild host, a bearded man with a very astute, prestigious demeanor, for millions to see, he is asked

''What do you think…marks your success son?''

Taking another sip of his cappuccino, the middle-aged actor's response is quick and astute.

Well its really very simple…

''Is it?''

''Well yes because when you get right down to it….wouldn't it require an entirely different person to portray my last role?''

There is modest laughter from the audience, which the camera moves in on.

''A role I spent many painstaking months preparing for, mind, body spirit.''

''Just…what are you getting at?''

''What am I getting at?''

''Yes…it's almost as if you are trying to tell us…''

Suddenly the world famed actor removes the mask that had been covering his face, revealing a new face.

''That I were someone else?''