Dear Community,

I've got enough pain, so can I put this to rest?

The best I've got is naught but a bore...
This life will tax a good heart poor...
And I'll be dead washed ashore before I decide it's not worth it anymore.

The kind of world that dreams galore while preparing attack.
Always saying empower, but dooming the black.

Always alone and all out of place.
No one to talk to, but stays in my face.

One attempt to clean the plate will have you wishing you slept through the hate.
The torment upon us has me desperate... In need of escape.

When suggesting you're ugly and that you must act as one.
I see a world that wants you for the tool you'll become.

I will be selfish for wanting to live my own life because there is NOTHING worse than an community deciding how you should live.

Within this community, it felt like death was the only power I had.
It made me feel my life was many times more bad.

Anyone with the sense to break out of this rut and into a day.
Should get up and run... Go far far away.

I don't wanna curse, but this shit isn't blessed.
Someone vanish without reason? Well, I'm here to confess.
That one mind results can never be best.
So, think individually... Put this cult to a rest.