Prologue: Guardian Angel

Nancy, hated her name. Her mother told her that it was her father that picked out her name for her. Nancy was quite glad that her mother gave her the surname of Garnett since Nancy Hatoko, didn't quite roll off the tongue the same way as Nancy Garnett. But it was Lucy Garnett that raised her, not her father. She was happy to only have inherited his eyes. Well, his nose too, and maybe his smile. But she was so glad to have her mother's womanly curves. She had heard that her grandmother was quite flat in the chest area.

But none of that mattered now. No. There was someone following her only two, three meters behind her. She noticed it was a man, and that he wore a suit, and had a briefcase. Nancy swore that this was the last time she was going to see a movie by herself this late at night. Maybe I'm overreacting, I do that sometimes, Nancy thought to to avoid walking straight down the street, Nancy tugged her purse closer to her body and turned the corner, entering an alleyway that was a shortcut to her apartment building. She stopped and leaned against the wall, expecting him to turn and follow her, if he did she was going to... call 911.

She took out her phone and was getting ready to dial the number when it was smacked out of her hand. Nancy looked up at the man that followed her and saw his eyes first, mainly because they didn't look normal at all. Instead of colored irises and white sclera-both were black, as if someone tattooed them with black ink. The man's breath stank of old rotten meat, which caused Nancy's eyes to water as he breathed on her.

"Hunter you are. But you do not harm me yet?" The man then grabbed Nancy by the jacket collar and threw her across the cement, Nancy hit the ground, scraping her elbows and hands. Nancy looked for her phone, but the man was on top of her, his stinking breath pouring into her face. She then saw his teeth, which were really fangs, similar to shark teeth. Nancy screamed at the horror of it all. Snacking his hands around Nancy's neck, the man then pinned her arms to her sides with his knees. Feeling absolutely helpless, Nancy writhed and writhed hoping to push him far, far away from her. He then covered her mouth with one hand and ripped her jacket collar and shirt collar away from her skin, to bite down on her neck. The pain was fierce, hot, but also numbing. Nancy lost her voice in it all as the man sucked at the blood pooling from her neck.

"You taste of the heavens," the man says right before Nancy watches his head fall from his body. The body fell limp and Nancy tried her best to shove the body off hers-unsuccessfully. A black boot came into her fading vision and kicked the body away. Nancy looked up at the person wielding the boot, and noticed a bloody katana sword in their hand and a hood over their head. Trying to ask for help, but the light quickly fading from her sight, Nancy too fell limp from lack of blood. The last thing she remembers is the figure placing their hand against her wound, trying to stop the blood from flowing free of her flesh.